Batman: Shadow of the Bat #30 Recap

When we last left off, Batman and Azrael were dangling from a helicopter hurtling towards a bridge, and facing certain death.

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #30

Written by Alan Grant
Art by Bret Blevins
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Todd Klein

Batman and Azrael continue to fight until the helicopter crashes onto the top of the bridge – well, more lands heavily. Batman breaks off from the fight to save Catwoman, who was knocked out by debris, before the battle is rejoined.

On the ground, Gordon goes to meat with Bullock and Kitch as he’s brought up to speed.

On the bridge, Azrael takes himself out of the fight when, while doused in aviation fuel, he tries to use his flamethrower. He leaps into the river to extinguish the blaze. This allows Batman and Catwoman to rescue Selkirk and his goons from the chopper before it explores. To be petty, Selkirk tosses the Neural Controller into the river.

The difference between Batman & Azrael in a single page.

After safely getting everyone down to the bridge, Batman goes to the Batmobile to chance after Azrael, only for the Batmobile to blow up with the self-destruct.

Azrael gloats as the issue ends.

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