Showcase ‘94 #10 (Story 1) Recap

Finally, we see what happened to Jean-Paul Valley

Showcase ‘94 #10 (Story 1)

Written by Alan Grant
Pencils by Mike Vosberg
Inks by Ron McCain
Colors by Dave Horning
Lettering by Ken Bruzenak
Edited by Dennis O’Neil & Neil Pozner

Following the conclusion of Knightsend, Jean-Paul is wandering the streets of Gotham, aimless, and falls in with some homeless people. One of their number tells Jean-Paul (basically) about each member of the group, and Jean-Paul defends them from some goons (with words even) before wandering off.

And this pretty much concludes the Knightfall Saga – after this comes the Prodigal event, which has Dick Greyson taking the role of Batman for a time, until Bruce finally feels he’s ready to retake the mantle (which runs over about 8 issues) – and then a one-shot with Dick Greyson going to get Alfred to come back to the Batcave…

Except all of this also comes after Zero Hour which – as you can tell from this issue of Showcase ’94, the tail end of the Knightfall Saga ran headlong into.

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