Twitter Is Dying – Where Can You Find Me?

As the title says, Twitter is on the brink of death, which leads to the question, where can you find me now on social media – should Twitter follow Myspace and Google+ into virtual oblivion? Well, there are a few options.

  • Mastodon:
    This is general vibing and crap-posting
  • Tumblr:
    This is some more long-form stuff – I might try Cohost once I get posting permissions, but I’ve been waiting in the queue for that for most of a week now so maybe that will happen?
  • Letterboxd:
    This is the movies that I’ve watched as I’ve watched them – this can give some ideas of things I’ll be reviewing in the future
  • Trakt:
    Trakt is similar to Letterboxd, but also does TV series, which works nicely for shows that aren’t necessarily released consecutively in ways I can watch them – like Doctor Who serials or episodes of GameCenter CX.
  • Goodreads (see sidebar)
    Pretty much the same for books and… as an alternative to Goodreads there is…
  • Storygraph:
    Storygraph is an alternative to Goodreads that is more independent, isn’t run by Amazon, has BIPOC creators, and also, I will say, handles audiobooks better (which is impressive, considering Amazon runs Goodreads and also Audible)
  • AniList:
    I’m on a couple anime trackers, but I tend to engage a little more on either AniList or…
    Kitsu is set up really well for individual posting per chapter or episodes of anime, in ways that MAL isn’t necessarily great at (though MAL is improving some).