Film Review: Black Widow

For the first time in over a year (almost a year and a half), I have gone to see a movie in a theater, which means it’s time for me to do a vlog on it.

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A Week Of Listening

This week I’m stepping away from my Let’s Play, my Reviews, and my Blog Posts to encourage you to likewise step away from the normal voices you listen to (which are statistically likely to be predominantly White). Instead, I’d like you to take this moment to actively seek voices of people of color, of Black people, on YouTube, on Twitch, in the podcasts you listen to, the books you read, the roleplaying games you play.

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Legends of the Force: Vlog – Solo: A Star Wars Story

The next Star Wars Story installment is out, and I talk about this film’s depictions of Han and Lando, and how they compare to what we’ve seen in the Legends continuity thus far – with the Han Solo and Lando Calrissian Adventures novels in particular. Opening Credits: Star Wars Theme from Super Star Wars on the SNES. Closing Credits: Chiptune Cantina Band from Chiptune Inc. … Continue reading Legends of the Force: Vlog – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Vlog: Final Fantasy Distant Worlds (Portland 2018)

I went to see Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds on the latest concert tour, so here are my thoughts on the show Distant Worlds 1: MP3 –, CD – Distant Worlds 2: MP3 –, CD – Distant Worlds 3: MP3 –, CD – Distant Worlds 4: MP3 –, CD – All 4 albums are also currently available for … Continue reading Vlog: Final Fantasy Distant Worlds (Portland 2018)