Recap – ROH: Unscripted

A little background coming in:

At the Four-Way Iron Man match for the Ring of Honor title (I still need to get that event, by the way), Low Ki came out with the win, and became the Ring of Honor World Champion. Coming into Unscripted I believe he’s gotten a few title defenses under his belt, before facing Xavier (who made it into the quarter-finals at Road To The Title before getting beat by Red).

However, the start of the show is going to be a tournament to crown the first ROH Tag Team Champions – and unlike Road To The Title, we’re actually going to crown the champions at this show!

On the one hand, it’s another tournament show, and as I’ve said before, Tournaments tend to be meh, just because of the nature of the format.

However, since this is a Tag Team tournament, the tag team part may work in the tournament’s favor. I’ll be keeping an eye on this as I watch the event.

Ring of Honor: Unscripted

Location: Philadelphia, PA (at the Murphy Recreation Center).
Date: September 21st, 2002.
Commentary: Ray Murrow and Chris Levy.

We start out with Gary Michael Cappetta (who is apparently ROH’s new interviewer) in the ring with Paul London. London’s scheduled partner, Spanky is unable to participate in the tournament for the ROH Tag Titles for some reason, so London’s going to announce his new Tag Partner… “American Dragon” Brian Danielson. Danielson comes out to the ring, but before he can say word one, out comes Michael Shane to start some shit with London. London takes out Shane and drops out of the tournament to take on Shane later in the night in a Street Fight. This leaves Danielson in the tournament without a partner. This brings us to…

Quarterfinal Match: The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) vs. The Prophecy (Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan w/ Simply Luscious)

Daniels and Morgan jump at the SAT at the bell (since they don’t do that whole “hand shaking” thing – see my last recap), but SAT takes control with some great double team moves. The SAT lock Daniels and Morgan in a Boston Crab and Camel Clutch (respectively). Daniels is released and sent out of the ring. Morgan (still in the hold) eats a dropkick and baseball slide for 2.

Morgan gets the tag to Chris, but Joel shuts him down as soon as he comes in. The SAT dominates for a bit more, before Morgan manages to get Joel out of the ring by pulling down the top rope when Joel bounces off. Chris then goes and knocks Jose off the apron. Donovan works Joel over a bit on the outside before throwing him in the ring and getting tagged in, after deciding that Joel fits the part of Ricky Morton perfectly. Morgan and Daniels work in and out for a bit, before Daniels gets a 2-count off a back heel kick.

Joel floors Donovan and Chris and makes the Tag to Hose, who comes in like a Casa! En! Fuego! He wails on the prophecy for a bit, before The Prophecy manages to regain control Jose is sent outside, with Daniels and Morgan following. Joel builds up a head of steam for a suicide dive, only to have Luscious grab his ankle. Daniels comes in and tries to jump him, but Joel pulls down the top rope. At this point female “ringside fan” who Daniels and Morgan had been arguing with during their entrance, jumps the rail goes up top, and hits a perfect Asai moonsault to take out Daniels before carrying Luscious to the back. Meanwhile, the SAT nail Morgan with the Maximo Explosion (like the Doomsday Device, but instead of a clothesline, it’s a Tornado DDT). Daniels is back in. The SAT goes for the Spanish Fly, but is sort of blocked by Morgan, who pulls one of the Maximos off, though the other Maximo hits a solo Spanish fly for 2. Morgan hits the Sayonara (sitout double underhook facebuster) for the pin.

Finish: The Prophecy wins by pinfall with the Sayonara at 7:40.
Rating: *** – I originally gave this four-stars, but that might have been the not-Wrestlemania talking.

We go back stage to the Far East Connection, Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka, who are talking amongst themselves, only to be startled by the Christopher Street Connection, with their manager Allison Danger (Steve Corino’s sister), and Japanese Pool Boy – their valet, who are there to flirt. This FEC doesn’t take them very well, and threatens them until they leave. We then go to The FBI – James Maritato (who is trying to drop what he considers a comedy gimmick) and Tony Mamaluke, who are getting ready for their next match and arguing over the entrance music. Hmm… tag team partners not getting along, never a good sign.

Tournament Quarterfinal: The Far East Connection (Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka) vs. The Full Blooded Italians (Tony Mamaluke & James Maritato)

Hidaka and Maritato start, with some stellar chain wrestling that only stops for Hidaka to tag in Togo and Maritato to tag in Mamaluke, who picks up right where their partners left off. Togo finally gets a little bit of control and tags in Hidaka, and locks Mamaluke in and Abdominal stretch, while Hidaka connects with a standing dropkick to Mamaluke’s face.

Mamaluke manages to make the tag to James, who gets the same move and appears to lose a tooth. Hidaka follows this up with a baseball slide to James’ prone head. As an aside to the Britpack and others from countries that don’t play Baseball – do your wrestling announcers call what we would call a “baseball slide” a “football tackle”? Anyway, James tries to get up but stumbles into hostile territory. Hidaka sends James for the ride, goes for a powerslam but James reverses it into an Ankle Lock.

Hidaka reaches the ropes but gets cheap-shotted by Mamaluke, which annoys Jim. Tony gets tagged in and hits an ankle breaker into a dragon screw. Tony keeps working on Hidaka’s leg. 2-count off a leg drop. The FBI applies a double Fujiwara armbar on Hidaka, before the ref breaks up half of the hold. Jim keeps working over the arms before the FEC regains control with an double leglock. Tony breaks up that hold. Sit-out powerbomb by Hidaka as a desperation move. Both men go for the tag and get it.

All four men end up in the ring, in a big brawl. Spinning DDT by Togo on Tony for 2. James get tossed out of the ring. Togo hits a double underhook facebuster, then goes up top and connects with a senton for the pin.

Finish: The Far East Connection by pinfall with a senton at 9:46.
Rating: **** – Excellent tag match. I’d love to see these two teams wrestle a longer match.

Post match, Gary Michael Cappetta interviews Maritato and Mamaluke. Maritato basically blames Tony for the loss and says that by holding on to the “comedy gimmick” he’s holding both men back, and challenges him to a match at the next show. Tony gets pissed off at the gimmick being labeled as a comedy gimmick and he challenges Maritato to a match right now.

James Maritato vs. Tony Mamaluke

Right after the hand shake, Mamaluke hits a belly to belly suplex, James goes to the apron for a breather, and evades a baseball slide. Mamaluke goes for a russian leg sweep off the apron, but James shoves tony through the guard rail. So, apparently it’s “Take Home a Disgruntled ECW Alum Night” at Ring of Honor. Darn – shame I missed it.

Maritato gets whipped into another guard rail, showing that no, they’re not pre-treated, they’re just shitty. Tony grabs the ring bell and goes to hit Jim with it, only to end up eating guard rail himself with a drop toe hold. Considering how easily dented they appear to be, it’s probably chewable. The two men brawl on the outside for a bit, with Jim getting bust wide open. They return to the ring, and Tony connects with a belly to back suplex. Cocky pin for 2. Maritato hits a victory roll for two. Maritato gets a 2-count off another drop kick. Maritato hits a low blow and covers. Maritato gets a hand on the ropes, but the ref is out of position and counts 3.

Finish: Tony Mamaluke by pinfall with a low blow at 2:59.
Rating: *** – That’s how you do a short match.

After the match, Maritato declares the victory doesn’t count due to shenanigans. I declare that he needs to eat more dairy, like cheese, which would complement the whine. James repeats his challenge, with the added stipulation that if James wins, the FBI becomes a serious team. Backstage, Chapetta interviews American Dragon, who introduces his new tag partner, Michael Modest.

Tournament First Round Match: Divine Storm (Christ Divine & Quiet Storm) vs. “American Dragon” Brian Danielson & Michael Modest

Danielson and Storm lock up, with some great chain technical wrestling. Storm tries to lock on a Fujiwara armbar ,but Modest breaks the hold. Storm tags in Divine. More chain wrestling, including an attempt to hit a Famouser by Divine which Dragon tries to reverse, only to have that reversed into a ‘Rana. Divine takes down Dragon and locks on a chicken wing variant. The hold started out looking like Fujiwara Armbar, so I’m going to call it a Fujiwara Chicken-Wing.

Dragon tags in Modest, who drills Divine with a series of forearms in the corner. Modest continues the offense with a series of running elbow drops to Divines throat, capping up with calmly walking over divine and giving a big grin. Modest tags Dragon in. 2-count by dragon. Dragon serves divine a big plate of chops before tagging in Modest, who hits an Uranage suplex for 2.

Divine goes for a ‘rana but doesn’t have the leverage (read: the move is no-sold), so he goes for a Russian Leg Sweep instead. Storm comes in to stop Dragon and hits the Spinal Shock (a back-to-back Atomic Drop.) Divine works over Modest in the corner, while Storm pursues Dragon to the floor. Dragon and Storm trade forearms on the outside, while Divine connects with a brainbuster on the inside. Divine goes up top, Modest follows and Modest hits a Fisherman’s Superplex and bridges for the pin.

Winner: Danielson and Modest by pinfall with a Fisherman’s Superplex at 6:22.
Rating: **** – Great wrestling, as well as showing off a few moves that are, at least, new to me.

The next scheduled match was Da Hit Squad vs. The Natural Born Sinners – however, The Carnage Crew jumped the Sinners before the match, “injuring” Boogaloo, and then attacked Da Hit Squad in the ring, eliminating them as well. So, Danielson and Modest get a bye.

Semi-Final: Far East Connection vs. The Prophecy
Daniels and Togo start out and lock up with some chain wrestling, leading to a DDT by Togo. Both men tag out, giving us Morgan and Hidaka. I’ll take this point to mention that Simply Luscious is absent from ringside. Morgan and Hidaka trade forearms and chops respectively, leading to more chain wrestling. Hidaka, being new to ROH and unfamiliar with The Prophecy, realizes that they haven’t shook hands, and puts his hand out for Morgan to shake, leading to a cheap shot, a tag to Daniels, and all 4 men brawling in the ring, Morgan and Togo on the outside, Daniels and Hidaka on the inside briefly, until they take it to ringside as well, with Daniels hitting a bodyslam on the floor, and then an elbow drop off the apron.

Daniels rolls Hidaka back in the ring. Hidaka regains control and tags in Togo. Togo starts with ah ead lock, moves to a front facelock as Daniels tries to regain a vertical base, and then slams him back down and locks on a STF. Morgan breaks up the hold. Hidaka gets tagged back in and cranks up the speed a little bit. Drop Kick & DDT double team by the FEC for 2. Belly to back suplex for 2. Daniels regains control with a low blow and tags in Morgan.

Morgan hits a series of suplexes on Hidaka for 2. Tag to daniels, followed by an elbow drop and leg drop series by both men for 2. Springboard moonsault by Daniels for 2. Morgan gets the tag and works over Hidaka some more. Hidaka reverses a back drop into a sunset flip for 2.

Daniels comes in, nails Togo off the apron with a forearm and hits a snap mare and flying mare on hidaka for 2. Hidaka gets draped on the top rope and guillotined with a leg drop for michaels for 2. Morgan comes in and applies the Camel Clutch for a bit, before continuing to Ricky Morton Hidaka, with submission holds on the head and back.

Daniels gets tagged in, and sends Hidaka to the ropes, only to get caught with a Tornado DDT. Both men get the tag, and Togo is a House On Fire! Facebuster and Tornado DDT for 2. Togo locks on a Crippler Crossface and Daniels comes in for the save. Hidaka comes in, tosses Daniels out of the ring and hits a springboard senton on to Daniels. Meanwhile, Morgan hits what appears to be a Belly-to-belly Tazplex. Morgan then hits a series of a Vertical suplex – fisherman’s suplex – fisherman’s neckbreaker for 2, with Hidaka breaking it up. Hidaka slams morgan and Togo hits his big senton, makes the cover but gets it broken up by Daniels at 2. Daniels drags Morgan to his corner and tags himself in. Hidaka and Daniels are the legal men. Daniels connects with the Angels wings, but Hidaka kick out. Daniels hits a bodyslam and goes up top and hits the Best. Moonsault. Ever – Daniels covers but gets the pin broken up.

Hidaka goes for a modified tarantula (modified with Daniels neck on the ropes, getting choked). Hidaka goes up and hits a missile dropkick followed by a bridging German suplex for 2. Hidaka hits a sitout powerbomb for 2. Morgan gets togo out of the ring and follows. Daniels hits a STO and Morgan holds down Hidaka’s feet as Daniels gets the pin

Winner: The Prophecy by pinfall with an STO with a side of shenangans at 13:48. They advance to face Dragon and Modest in the final round.
Rating: **** – Very solid tag match, with good psychology.

EDIT: Here’s more of this part of the show!

Our next scheduled match is Dunn and Marcos vs. Prince Nana and Alex Arion. However, Nana isn’t up to wrestling since he got a concussion after his match with Low Ki at Road To The Title. So, instead he’s going to let Arion wrestle a singles match against Dunn, while he watches at ringside with a poorly fitting amateur wrestling helmet on.

Alex Arion vs. Dunn

Arion levels Dunn, getting a series of 2-counts. Dunn tries a little offense but gets quickly shut down. Arion goes up and hits a big splash for the pin.

Winner: Alex Arion by pinfall with a top rope splash at 1:34.
Rating: DUD – Why are we getting a squash match?

After the match, Nana beats down Dunn and Marcos, and then cuts a promo offering Arion a job as his manservant. Arion responds with a super-kick to the head, and storms to the back, leaving Nana alone in the ring. Fortunately, the kind and generous souls of the Christopher Street Connection (along with Japanese Pool Boy and Allison Danger) come out to check on him. They check on his head, after a little difficulty on which head they’re going to check on first. They decide to kiss Nana’s boo-boo to make it all better, which Nana doesn’t take kindly to, and Nana sprints to the back.

Next, in a rather lame parody of the “Gay Marrage” angle that happened around that time on Smackdown with Billy and Chuck, Buff E proposes marrage, but Mace says he isn’t up to that commitment yet, so instead they make out in the ring. Before this segment gets too absurd and runs on too long, we get a run in by Alexis Laree, who the CSC humiliated on a previous show which I haven’t recapped yet. Laree hits a split punch on Buff E (shades of Johnny Cage), causing him to drop to his knees, his head in Mace’s crotch. Mace doesn’t know how to take this – it’s so sudden and so experimental… which is why he doesn’t notice Laree is in the ring until her boots made contact with his face, in the form of a drop kick. Danger beats feet, while Japanese Pool Boy stands up to Laree, slapping her, which is about as intelligent of stomping on Bruce Banner’s toe. Laree gores JPB, followed by a tornado DDT.

We then go to footage from the last show, when Xavier called Low Ki out for a title shot at this show.

ROH Title: Low Ki vs. Xavier

Both men lock up, with some slow chain wrestling between the two. Xavier kicks Low Ki in the chest. Ki gives this “you call that a kick” look, and then kicks the shit out of Xavier. Dueling kicks between Xavier and Ki gets Ki in the corner and Xavier hits a series of big knees, leading to a chop battle between the two.

Ki starts clubberin’ Xavier with a series of big Mongolian chops, followed by a bodyslam and elbow drop. Xaviers gets back to his feet and lays into Low Ki with a series of strikes leading to, well, astrike battle between both in, leading to Ki locking on a Fujiwara armbar, which Xavier reverses into a pin for 2.

Both men part for a breather, while the fans start a chant battle. They lock back up in a test of strength, or a “Greco-roman knuckle-lock” as Jesse Ventura would call it. Ki uses the hold to get a series of kicks to Xavier’s face, to which Xavier responds with a suplex and a side headlock. Lo Ki breaks out, eats a shoulder block, and stops another with a dropkick to the leg, sending Xavier to his knees, spinning opening him up to Ki’s Kick Combo Of Doom ™, which Ki gets 2-count off of.

Xavier manages to take control after some strikes and a botched tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He hits a Torture-Rack Samoan Drop for 2. Turnbuckle slam and running back drop by Xavier for 2. Xavier locks on a reverse chinlock, which he ultimately releases and follows by a series of strikes, with a high knee for another 2. Xavier goes for the X-breaker, but gets literally kicked out of the ring. Ki works over Xavier on the outside before sending him in. Ki hits a corner clothesline into a bridging vertical suplex for 2. Xavier powerslams Ki into the turnbuckle to regain control.

Xavier hits a double-underhook flying mare with a bridge, which he later turns into a pin for 2. Ki gets sent to the outside, and Xavier goes for a baseball slide, but Ki catches him and gest in some more strikes, and then tosses him back in. Ki goes up top and hits a flying elbow for 2. Snap mare and strikes for 2. If I keep having to write “strikes” I’m going to go on strike.

Series of near falls and submission holds by both men. As this goes on, Christopher Daniels comes out to watch from the entrance way. daniels works of Ki’s leg and goes for a 450 splash but misses. Ki connects with his signature kick combo and signals for the Ki Crusher, but then sees Daniels at ringside, and gets distracted by him, and then rolls out of the ring to confront him. Xavier persues and chop blocks Ki’s knee. Daniels places one of the anchor blocks for the Safety rail (metal pole with a large heavy weight at the end) on Ki’s chest, and Xavier drives it into his chest with a chair, leaving Ki bleeding from the mouth (probably a work, with a blood pack – it looks fake.) Daniels taunts Ki as he crawls back to the ring, and Xavier is taunting the fans, cementing his heel turn and alliance with the Prophecy. Ki finally crawls back to the ring, and gets pinned by Xaviers 450 splash.

Winner: Xavier by pinfall with a 450 splash at 25:43 and he is the new ROH Champion.
Rating: *** – Decent match with a great heel turn.

After the match, The Prophesy drapes a ROH banner over Low K

Before I get too far into the next couple matches, a few thoughts on this heel turn, I’ve been thinking about this when I saw the show, and t his was actually rather nicely foreshadowed, though some of the events we didn’t see on the shows I’ve recapped, but were mentioned in passing by the announcers. Let’s run ’em down shall we?

  1. At Road To The Title, Christopher Daniels was very upset when Xavier failed to eliminate Low Ki from the running.
  2. At Crowning a Champion Xavier asked Low Ki for a title shot, should Ki win. Ki accepted.
  3. At the show immediately prior, Xavier asked Ki to cash in his title shot, leading to this card’s match.

Rather nicely done, I would say. I’d say it’d even be sufficient to push

Takao Omori vs. Sonny Siaki

Siaki is 1/2 of the Flying Elvis’s in TNA. Omori is 1/2 of the tag team “No Fear” in Pro Wrestling NOAH
Omori attacks immediately, getting control early on. Siaki regains control with a mule kick for 2. Siaki and Omori get some nice chain wrestling in. Omori locks a reverse chin lock on Siaki, and tries to work it into a Camel clutch. Siaki prevents the hold from getting fully applied, so Omori turns it into a leg scissors, which Siaki forces him to break through a pin attempt. Omori continues to dominate the match with a 2-count off a piledriver, leading up to Omori’s finisher, a modified Vertebreaker, and the pin.

Winner: Takeo Omori by pinfall with a Vertebreaker at 7:37.
Rating: *** – Siaki barely got any offense win. It wasn’t quite a Col. DeBeers squash, but it was close.

After the match, CM Punk comes out, making his ROH debut, and cuts a promo putting over ROH, and taking a shot at the WWE, and says his debut match would be on the November 9th show. Colt Cabana comes out as well, and also hypes his appearance at… a show on the 11th, I didn’t catch the month. I’d presume it’s December because it’s not on either November show I have. Finally, we go backstage to Jay, who cuts a promo against his brother, Mark, who had been hassling him for most of the previous shows, and beat Jay at ROH’s Boston show, busting him open. Jay swears never to lose again.

Jay Briscoe vs. Amazing Red

Prior to the match, Mark Briscoe tries to tell Red something he can say to Jay to give him the advantage (presumably his, Mark’s, win-loss record). Red responds with a superkick to Mark that knocks him through a nearby door. Anyway, this match is a rematch of the first booked match in ROH history, and the first booked match I’ve recapped in this thread.

NNice chain offence between Jay and Red. Further chain wrestling moves. The fight goes out to rignside though the offense stays pretty even. Jay goes for a powerslam which is reversed into a reverse DDT for 2. Climbing kick by Red. Jay responds with a lariat that practically decapitates Red. Jay reverses a corner drop kick into a leglock. Red misses a Swanton Bomb and then eats a mule kick for 2. Jay hits a body slame and goes up top, but Red catches him and hits a sunset flip power bomb. Red Star Press for 2. Red tries a standing sunset flip powerbomb , reversed into a jackknife powerbomb by Jay, followed by a second powerbomb and a Jay Driller for the pin.

Winner: Jay Briscoe by pinfall with the Jay Driller at 7:48.
Rating: **** – Jay’s really starting to get over, and this match is helping. Now, frankly, I probably wouldn’t have given this match the fourth star were it not for Jay’s promo right before it (see my last recap). However, that promo helped a lot towards building up this match. It helped that that promo reminded me a lot of some of Tommy Dreamer’s promos from his feud with Raven, back in the day.

After the match, Dixie & Elax of Special K run in and attack Red, with SAT running in for the save. Apparently, Special K’s gimmick is that they’re stoners. After they get beat down, some big black guy from the audience in a suit and sunglasses comes in and pounds the crap out of the Ref before returning to the audience to watch the rest of the show. And now, for the moment we were all waiting for…

Street Fight: Michael Shane vs. Paul London

Shane and London waste no time laying into each other with some incredibly fast offense. After working each other over in the ring, they move to ringside and then back in again. I’m not even going to try move-by-move, instead stickign to the high spots and near falls, with some contextual stuff.

London ships Shane out of the ring, but Shane grabs the top rope and tries to skin the cat, only to get speared when he’s halfway through the motion. I wonder why nobody did that with his cousin, HBK? Shane whips London into the guard rail so hard it knocks down a hole side of the guard rail. London gets a steel chair, but ends up being too busy showing off his shiny chair to the fans that he ends up eating it after gaking a suicide senton from Shane, busting London open. London then gets the chair thrown into his face by Shane after they get back into the ring, but Shane only gets a 2-count. 2-count after Shane suplexes London on the chair. Shane wedges a chair int he ropes, and goes to thrown Paul into the chair only to end up eating it himself, as London I guess feels that, as it is Twin Day, they should both be sporting crimson masks. Shane gets out a ladder but ends up eating that with a spring board kick by London. London sets up the ladder in the corner, but Shane slams him on it with a belly-to-belly suplex on the ladder. Is anyone else noticing a pattern here?

Carrying on with the pattern, London ‘rana’s Shane off the apron through a table which Shane had generously prepared earlier in the match. London searches under the ring and what does he find, but a Jeff Hardy Ladder ™. You know the kind, the ladder that you find at Home Depot with “You Must Be Fucking Kidding” on the height listing. London sets that one up in the corner and finally breaks the vicious (literally) cycle by back dropping Shane on it. Unfortunately, this bends the ladder out of shape, and I don’t think that they have the budget in ROH for a second Jeff Hardy Ladder to put under the ring, so I guess they won’t be using this one anymore.

Shane rolls to the outside and starts partway to the entrance curtain, only to have London run up the ladder and do a Suicide Plancha on Shane, leading to our first scatological chant of the evening. Both men come back in the ring, and London hits a seated leapfrog senton over the set up standard ladder… reversed into a Sit-out powerbomb by Shane for 2! Shane goes up top and hits the Picture Perfect Elbow for 2! London goes up and hits the London Calling (Shooting Star Press) for 2!

London sets up the battered Jeff Hardy ladder and starts to climb, to chants of “You Sick Fuck” Shane knocks him off and starts to climb on his own to the top of the ladder… Picture Perfect Elbow Of Doom! 1… 2… Kick out! Shane starts to go back up, but London stops him with a moonsault. London starts to climb the ladder again, now to a chant making it’s debut here in ROH – “Please Don’t Die!” London reaches the top of the ladder… London Calling! 1… 2… 3!!!!!

Finish: Paul London by pinfall after a London Calling off the top of a 15 foot ladder at 20:38.
Rating: ***** – Holy. Fucking. Shit. If you thought he was good in WWE, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The fans who were there were chanting “Match of the year” for a reason… a good one.

After the match both men embraces in the ring before Shane wastes London with a Lariat. We then get some brief video from before the event, with Donovan Morgan asking Mike Modest, his mentor, to join the Prophesy, and being rebuffed.

Final Match for the ROH Tag Team Championships: The Prophesy (Daniels & Morgan) vs. American Dragon and Mike Modest

Daniels and Morgan start. Nice chain wrestling between the two. Morgan gets tagged in and starts to work on modest, leading to further chain wrestling. Modest and Morgan start to do the Puro Shoulder Block Spot, but after the 2nd block Modest just floors Morgan instead. Dragon gets tagged in and starts wearing down Morgan with submission holds. Morgan gets the tag to Daniels, and Dragon finds himself being Ricky Mortoned by the Prophesy, primarily the leg.

The Prophecy beats Dragon over inside and outside of the ring, with Dragon finally getting the tag after a neck-wringer suplex. Modest leg scissors and diving headbutts Morgan (the other legal man) for 2. We get all 4 men in the ring. Morgan takes Modest to the outside, and Daniels gets both with a backflip clothesline. Dragon hits a tope suicida on Daniels and it appears he may have injured his knee.

Modest and Daniels are in the ring. Belly-to-belly Tazplex followed by a Bridging Fishermans Buster for 2. Morgan and Daniels gets tagged in and then gets a proper Tazmission Plex by Dragon, leading into the Cattle Mutilation that is broken up by Daniels. Dragon sets up Morgan up on the top ropes for something, only to have it reversed into a sit-otu superbomb, followed by the Best Moonsault Ever. Morgan covers for 2, and Daniels gets tagged in, and hits a Blue Thunder Driver for 2. We get all 4 men in the ring for a bit, until Morgan and Modest take it outside, and Daniels and Dragon keep it in the ring. Dragon sets Daniels up on the top rope for a belly-to-back superplex, but Morgan grabs Dragon’s ankle so he can reverse it into… something I can’t recognize for 2. Daniels picks up dragon and then and connects with the Last Rites for 3.

Winner: The Prophesy wins by pinfall with the Last Rites at 14:33 and are the new ROH Tag Team Champions – The Prophesy holds all the belts.
Rating: *** – Good match, but a few blown spots and well, that last match wore me out.

After the match, the Prophesy is awarded their trophy (ROH isn’t using Tag Belts yet). Dragon and Modest aren’t happy, and smash the trophy in the ring with a steel chari.

After the show, the Prophesy celebrates, plan to get the trophy fixed… but theres no rush because at the next show, none of the belts will be on the line – because the prophecy will be flexing their muscles. Also, they want to have Xavier take on some rube in the ring, in a non-title match. Mark happens to over here this, and suggests his brother Jay. Daniels excepts and we have a match. Also, Dick Togo and Doug Williams will wrestle each other, to see who gets to wrestle Daniels. You know, that’s a plan that sounds positively cunning. So cunning, that you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel…

Overall: **** – Very good card, definitely worth picking up… though that might be all those Wrestlemania’s talking.

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