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[Where I Watch] Burn Notice – Episode 1×02: Identity

The nice thing about being able to stream episodes from, say, Hulu (or NetFlix, if they’d ever get episodes up on there) is that I can just stream the episodes online rather then waiting for the next disk. It allows for me to get new posts up faster, all the better for you, and I don’t find myself jonesing for the next episode. At least, until I run out of episodes, but I’ve got another 10 to go yet before we hit the end of the season. So, shall we begin?

Nice bit of continuity at the beginning, with Michael investigating the photographs from last episode. From what we get revealed in the beginning of the show, it looks like whoever at The Agency who ordered the surveillance on Michael either a) has the FBI in on it – as far as the bugs are concerned (as opposed to the more conventional tails). b) is operating domestically illegally. c) is able to operate domestically illegally because of some strange exception for people with Burn Notices on them. Considering their rush to destroy their equipment and beat feet out the building, I’m leaning towards either b or c.

Well, the target in this case should be fairly straightforward to hunt down – you’re looking for a 3-person con artist team. 2 men, one woman, one of whom is a blond, and with at least one member who is not afraid to use force when necessary, and use force personally. How many of these teams are operating in Miami? Mind you, Michael used a different tactic to find them than the first one that came to mind for me. However, I’m thinking in terms of PC logic (which is an oxymoron), and he’s thinking of terms of spy logic.

Speaking of which, Michael and Sam living togeather for a business week. Could somebody cue the them from “The Odd Couple” for me please? Thank you.

It appears, that, much like in The Godfather, the weak link in this chain is going to be the young and inexperienced subordinates to Quentin. That should give Michael some leverage later.

On the one hand, considering what happens later on in the episode, Sam and Fiona getting caught by Quentin’s eager young apprentices turned out to be a boon. Still, that was cutting it realllly close.

Note to Michael (and Sam): Do not let Fiona “disable” any more vehicles unless you actually want them to blow up. Alternatively – Note to Fiona: Please put some rubber bands around your wrist – the next time you feel the urge to Blow Shit Up (tm – the Jammers), snap them. I thank you for your co-operation.

Sam, with your cover names, you’re lucky that the Apprenticies (sp) don’t watch TV Land, otherwise you would have been soooooooooooo blown. You could have mixed them up at least (Detective Cagney and Detective Friday, for example).

Ahh, the sweet sound of Karma. The “insult the local drug cartel” bit was a nice touch, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer chap.

And now, Michael has a lead. It’s a small one, but it’s there – and it will be in touch. Be seeing you!*

*That was a reference to The Prisoner, by the way. Oh, you haven’t seen The Prisoner – well, track down a copy, dammit. I’m done recapping this episode anyway.