Where I Watch – Burn Notice: Episodes 3 and 4

Well, I’ve got a double-feature for you all, as I decided to watch episodes 3 & 4 of Burn Notice at a whack. I also want to let you all know I’ve started another Where I Watch on RPG.net, for Silent Mobius, which can be found here (http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?p=9508505). So, enjoy!

Episode 1×03: Fight or Flight

Today’s adventure hook is provided by Michael’s landlord, the letter D and number 6. It just hit me, by the way, that Michael really is a Shadowrunner, and this show really should be required viewing for any Shadowrun players.

So, Michael’s new case is to get a gangster to bugger off and leave a witness alone. Yes, they haven’t explained it properly yet, but Gold Lexus, beat a pizza delivery guy half-to-death for hitting his car with a steering wheel lock? Gangster.

Calderone (yes, I know that’s not his real name, but if the shoe fits…) really doesn’t have any idea what he’s dealing with. Fed he can handle. Spooks? Totally out of his league, as if he knew who he was dealing with, he wouldn’t have told Michael the hit squad was coming.

Re: Fi’s reception – Hey, Hit Squad! Malo-tov, motherfuckers! (I’ll get my coat)

Michael’s having his clients move into his mom’s garage. Michael’s going to owe his mom another favor in the not-too-distant future, I suspect.

Michael, Michael, Michael. I understand you’re trying to resolve this quickly and bloodlessly, but you’re dealing with the Hollywood Version of the Columbian Drug Cartels – which like to resolve problems quickly with as much spilt claret as possible. Michael must have missed out on Miami Vice and Scarface. For that matter, so did the Client’s daughter, otherwise she wouldn’t have suggested a plan which can only climax in the final shootout of Scarface with our heroes in the role of Tony (though I doubt she realized it).

Michael, if you don’t like your ringtone, change it! I’ve got a Motorola Razr, it has multiple stock ringtones.

Once again, Michael brings out the magnificent bastardry to set up Calderone for the fall with his own organization. Though, I must admit, I saw Fi’s checklist and immediately thought of Wak’s Debate Bingo Boards. I almost wish that Michael, just to bring the lawyer down as well, had tipped the police off to Calderone’s impending demise. Almost, but not quite. Particularly considering that Michael hasn’t had any blood on his hands, really, since he got to Miami.

Now Michael has another lead – it’s not much, but it’s there.

Body Count:
2 (The goons Mike killed in the hotel bathroom in episode 1) + 1 (“Calderone” at the hands of his employers after Mike manipulated the Cartel into having him whacked) = 3.

Episode 1×04: Old Friends

I would think that whoever Mike’s benefactors are, they wouldn’t want assassin’s coming to visit Mike on Business.

This episode’s adventure hook is provided by Mike’s gambling addict brother Nate, who owes money to bad people (not surprised). Nate is the brother I’m glad I never had. Frankly, I kind of wonder why Mike let’s Nate tag along as much as he does this story, particularly considering that Nate sticks his foot in it every chance he gets. He’s a liability. Particularly considering our team of Sam and Fi usually can cover most of the bases.

Our Czech assassin needs to adjust his wardrobe for Miami. Niko Bellic would fit in better, even in the blue jumper (I think that’s the term for that kind of vests – I know exactly jack about fashion).

So, not only are the Wilhelm Brothers engaging in prostitution, they’re sending people into de-facto sex slavery overseas. Ooh, whatever Karmic Backlash they get, it won’t be good enough.

Nate – go back, and watch episode 1: “Guns make you stupid, duct tape makes you smart.” Though, to be fair, the gun did come in handy when our Czech assassin friend tried to take out Mike, though it would have been nice if you took the time to aim.

Fi and Sam make for a great team. Just don’t tell them that to their faces.

All things considered, the Wilhelm Brothers got off really light, unless Sam will be turning the financial records into the FBI along with Mr. Czech assassin. I’d hope he did, since the FBI ought to be a little disappointed when The Agency (or Mike’s Benefactors) whisked “Niko” out from their custody and promptly garotted him in a holding cell – and then left Mike a floral arrangement and a nice note. It’s a nice message to send and all to all the other would-be assassins – but that can’t help Sam any. Hopefully the FBI won’t hold any hard feelings.

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