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DVD Review – Burn Notice Season 2

Get Season 2 of Burn Notice on Blu-Ray

Get Season 2 of Burn Notice on Blu-Ray

This week we finish up the Burn Notice reviews (for now), with a review of the show’s second season. I haven’t watched Season 3 yet, but once I do, you can expect a review.

The Premise:

Following the conclusion of Season 1, Michael finds a few answers about who burned him – sort of. To be more accurate, he’s lost the FBI surveillance and instead has found himself in the care of Carla, his new handler. So, while now trying to make ends meet by helping the helpless, he now must also try to find out who Carla is working for, and what they want to do with him.

The Good:

Season 2 starts off very well, and continues to be paced pretty well. While we don’t have total resolution over who burned Michael, and how to get out from under their thumb, we do feel like we’re getting somewhere. It’s different from, say, Lost, where you get this sensation of taking two steps forward, and then one step back (and sometimes more). The show always feels like it’s getting forward momentum in terms of the plot. I also liked the reference to the George Smiley novels with the name choice for Carla.

The Bad:

Michael appears to rely on his guns and his explosives a bit too much. That said, he does try to keep with his MO of manipulating other people into doing the necessary killing for him.

The Ugly:

Michael’s mother taking him to the group psychiatric sessions again. Look, I know Michael has issues that he needs to work out with his family, but they did that for a B-Plot last season. It was annoying when they did it as a B-Plot last season, and it’s annoying this season. If they’d changed it up by having it be Fiona and Michael, that’d be something else entirely.

Gaming Usage:

The same general usage as last season. The show remains the perfect TV resource for Shadowrun GMs and players, at least in terms of missions, tactics, and group dynamics.

The Verdict:

The show’s changed for the darker tonally, but it’s still a great show, and I’m still giving it my recommendation.