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Quality Control – Mickey’s Magical Quest

So, previously, one of my Quality Control picks was one of Capcom’s Disney licensed games for the NES – Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers. This week, we’re going with one of their SNES licensed games, featuring Disney’s biggest mascot, Mickey Mouse.

The Premise

Emperor Pete has dognapped Pluto, Mickey’s pet Dog. Mickey must progress through several worlds to free Pluto from Pete’s foul clutches.

The Good

The costume switching mechanic in the game works really well, and they do a good job of setting up reasonable puzzles to take advantage of the changing costumes.

The Bad

There are some jumping puzzles that require precision and speed above and beyond that in the Mega Man games.

The Ugly

Some boss fights don’t provide some visual input about whether you’re dealing damage to your enemy. To be specific, with some boss fights you can get multiple hits in on one jump, as your jumping on the boss causes you to bounce up, in turn allowing you to position yourself to come back down on the weak-spot again. However, other bosses become temporarily invincible when hit. Consequently, it’s a little tricky to tell whether you’re making progress on some bosses. A life bar for the bosses would have helped in this respect.

The Verdict

I liked this game more than I liked Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, and thus far it’d say it’s one of Capcom’s best Disney licensed games. I’d definitely recommend picking this up.