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Quality Control – Rock & Roll Racing

To be absolutely blunt, Rock & Roll Racing is like RC Pro-Am with some Heavy Metal & Hard Rock music, plus a psychotic announcer. To be fair, this isn’t totally a bad thing – RC Pro-Am is one of the best racing games of its period, with pretty solid controls, a game-play style that keeps you hooked, and decent racing, though the game had some problems with its learning curve.

Rock & Roll Racing basically fixes those learning curve problems and makes the gameplay a little more combat focused. You get more weapons for your car, and they automatically re-stock every lap. The majority of upgrades you can purchase between races are more ammunition capacity for your weapons, plus additional armor.

The game’s graphics are smooth, though the background for the tracks gets monotonous very quickly. The digitized music sounds good, and the speech samples by “Loudmouth Larry” (played by real-world racing announcer Larry “Supermouth” Huffman), are alright, but eventually you hit a point, well before you’ve beaten the game or even before you’ve completed a single series of races, where you’ve looped through all the music, and you’ve heard all the speech samples, and you end up getting sick and tired of the game. There simply isn’t much to change up the game in the first few hours.

This is a game for people who either are big fans of Blizzard, or who really loved RC Pro-Am. If that’s not you, then skip it.