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Nintendo Power Retrospectives – Part 45

This week we continue with Nintendo Power with issue #33 for January of 1992.

Due to restrictions on my YouTube channel, this episode has been split into two parts.

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Closing Music: ‘A Link to Zelda’ –

Games Reviewed:
TMNT III – Konami
GI Joe: The Atlantis Factor – Capcom
Rampart – Jaleco
The Simpsons: Bart vs. The World – Acclaim
Gradius: Interstellar Assault – Konami

Super Hunchback – Ocean
Terminator 2 (GB) – LJN
Q*Bert – Jaleco
Asteroids – Accolade
Legend of the Mystical Ninja – Konami
Ys 3: The Wanderers from Ys – American Sammy