Film Review: Ghosthouse

Ghosthouse is technically an unofficial sequel to Evil Dead 1 & 2, and part of the “La Casa” series of horror films (the same way that the “Zombi” films are a bunch of Zombi films that are technically unrelated but are all thematically sequels to each other).

I like the premise – a Ham Radio operator picks up a signal that appears to be a cry for help. He and his girlfriend go to investigate, and discover a haunted house, and in turn investigate the mystery behind it.

It’s a good concept, but it stumbles in the execution. The scenes inside the titular house are creepy and atmospheric, the gore effects are nicely done, and the climax has a strong sense of spectacle to it – considering that this is a low budget Italian knockoff of Evil Dead and Poltergeist. However, the writing for the intervening bits are rather poor, and the acting performances are generally crap.

With a better director and cast (and some polish to the script), this could be a better film. Instead, we have a haunted house movie that is just average.

The film received a Blu-Ray release as a double feature with La Casa 4/Witchery. The film is also available for streaming through Amazon Prime with the Rifftrax commentary, though this version is in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

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