Book Review: Edge of Worlds

When I last talked about the Books of the Raksura series, The Siren Depths had wrapped up an informal trilogy of novels by establishing why the court protagonist Moon was from was attacked by the Fell in the first place, and what the reason for the Fell to create hybrid Raksura was in the first place.

Edge of Worlds picks up some time after the conclusion of The Siren Depths, with Moon and Jade having had their first clutch, and the Indigo Cloud court having finally obtained a reasonable degree of normalcy… until the entire court has a mass dream of an attack by the Fell in the reaches – swarming the colony and wiping everyone out. When Deelen (I hope I spelled that right – I listened to the audiobook), the elderly anthropologist who befriended the Indigo Cloud court way back in the first book) arrives with a flying boat from the Kish Empire with word of another possible Forerunner city out in the ocean, the members of the Indigo Cloud court realize that they’re going to have to send some people out there to get to the bottom of this – but not before sending information on where they’re going and why to the court of Opal Night, home of Moon’s mother – Malachite.

If the first three books of the series were based around exploring Raksuran society, this is more about stepping into aspects of some ground-ling societies (particularly the Kish empire), and to a lesser extent, sea-ling society.

That said, Edge of Worlds ends on a very big cliffhanger, of the “actually a cliffhanger” variety – to the point that if I wasn’t going right to the next LoGH book for my show after this (or if the next book had gotten an audio book), I’d go straight to reading the last book in the series after this.

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