We get a bunch of upcoming N64 titles this issue – not reviews of them, just discussion, as a bunch of them aren’t ready yet. But we’re getting closer to launch.

Not a lot of games this issue, but we do get some discussion of the N64 controller!

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00:00 Start
00:49 Cover
01:04 Letters
01:13 Power Charts
01:46: Earthworm Jim 2 (https://ebay.to/2SEyytg)
03:55 Space World 1995
04:30 Tezuka and Miyamoto Interview
04:49 N64 Launch Lineup
04:54 Revolution X (https://ebay.to/3jGd3nU)
06:40 Doom Troopers: Mutant Chronicles (https://ebay.to/3ny50vD)
08:22 Breath of Fire 2 (https://ebay.to/3jYy8KF)
09:33 Secret of Evermore Guide
09:40 Epic Center Letter Writing Campaign
10:10 Nintendo Power’s Top Games of 1995
10:34 Ken Griffey Jr.’s Winning Run (https://ebay.to/33OLSC5c)
12:01 Upcoming Disney Games
12:15 Scooby-Doo Mystery (https://ebay.to/36KNAWV)
13:50 PGA Tour ’96 (https://ebay.to/3iF6hxq)
19:08 Classified Information
19:28 Final Fight III (https://ebay.to/2SG11iv)
21:95 Jack Bros.
21:45 Tetris Blast (Game Boy) (https://ebay.to/2SGgUp70)
22:55 High Speed II (Game Boy – Preview Only)
23:35 Big Hurt Baseball (Game Boy – Preview Only)
23:59 Counselor’s Corner
24:09 Now Playing
24:23 Pak Watch
24:27 Final Thoughts