Justice League Task Force #6 Recap

Yelp review from Bruce Wayne: Room service was poor – came in balcony rather than door. Hotel was blown up by rocket launcher partway through stay. Would not stay there again.

Justice League Task Force #6

Written by Denny O’Neil
Pencils by Sal Viento
Inks by Jeff Albrecht
Colors by Glenn Whitmore
Letters by Clem Robins
Edited by Ruben Diaz and Brian Augustyn

We open in the aftermath of the Hotel’s demolition, with Bronze tiger wondering if Bruce and Alfred got out okay. A couple of goons show up, point their guns at Bronce Tiger & Gypsy, and get beat for their trouble.

We get a lot of this particular variety of page layout this story.

Bruce & Alfred are quite alright – they quietly relocated and are currently camping in the woods. Bronce Tiger & Gypsy proceeed with their rescue, only to discover that the kidnappers have literally released the hounds. Green Arrow links up with the two, and they wonder if that was really Bruce Wayne back at the hotel.

I appreciate modern comics, where the members of the JLA generally know each others identities, to avoid nonsense like this.

Gypsy steals a guard’s lighter, and sets some curtains on fire to create a distraction for the rescue. Unfortunately Asp is also arriving by helicopter at the same time.

This all almost works – Arrow, Tiger and Gypsy overpower the guards, and get Dr. Kinsolving free. However, Jack Drake has already been loaded on Asp’s helicopter, and he’s in a bad way, so on her own volition, she boards the helicopter.

To be real about this – if Shondra wasn’t there, they’d probably just kill Jack.

On Bruce Wayne’s yacht, the team regroups, with Bruce saying the search – or rather The Quest – isn’t over.

It will just continue without the Justice League Task Force.