Detective Comics #667 Recap

We’ve seen what Bruce Wayne has been up to, with the search for Shondra Kinsolving and Jack Drake – now it’s time to return to AzBats.

Detective Comics #667

Written by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Graham Nolan
Inks by Scott Hanna
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by John Costanza
Edited by Darren Vincenzo & Scott Peterson

Some tourists in Gotham wander through the park at night, and get attacked by hooligans, who are in turn attacked by AzBats.

Elsewhere, a bank robber with a cowboy gimmick runs into his twin brother – who is also a bank robber with a cowboy gimmick. The two decide to adjourn to a bar to discuss this turn of events.

At Wayne manor, Jean-Paul is having nightmares about St. Dumas. After waking up, he goes to tinker, and finds a rocket-powered subway car that Harold built.

Elsewhere, in Gotham, the cowboy twins – we don’t get a name, but they’re the new Trigger Twins – go to rob mobster Dan Doyle, who runs numbers rackets. In the course of the robbery, Doyle offers them a job instead.

Meanwhile – Jean-Paul is taking the Bat-Rocket-Subway-Car for a test drive. He likes how it handles, but not the “unnecessary” passenger seat. To emphasize the point, Tim goes to take the secret underground passage to the Batcave from the Drake house, only to discover Jean-Paul bricked it up.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch elsewhere in Gotham, the Trigger Twins clip a mob guy who was muscling into Doyle’s territory.

It’s safe to assume in comic book universes criminals with costumed gimmicks are a lot less rare.

The issue ends with the Bat-Rocket-Subway-Car about to crash into a train.

This is why you check the train schedules.

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