Batman #504: Comic Recap

When we last left off, Batman was in hot pursuit of Catwoman.

Batman #504

Written by Doug Moench
Art by Mike Manley
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Ken Bruzenak
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel & Denny O’Neil

AzBat is tormented once again by a vision of St. Dumas, before he resumes his pursuit of Catwoman, following her to a boat, where they fight on the speeding vehicle before they both have to vacate the vehicle before it crashes into a pier.

As AzBat chases Catwoman, Bullock, Montoya, and Gordon end up following at ground level. Eventually, they all meet up in an artist’s studio, after a Batman and Catwoman’s fight knocks a gargoyle out of a window, caving in the roof of an empty parked car.

In Soviet Artist’s Workshop, Gargoyle Perch On You!

The issue ends with GCPD having Catwoman at gunpoint, with the Benzotrilene on the floor next to her, as Batman swings off.

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