Catwoman #7: Comic Recap

It’s time to wrap up Jean-Paul’s first big crossover.

Catwoman #7

Written by Jo Duffy
Pencils by Jim Balent
Inks by Dick Giordano
Lettering by Bob Pinaha
Colors by Buzz Setzer
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel & Denny O’Neil

Selena Kyle is not happy with the current state of affairs.

We get a quick recap of how this story started, before Catwoman uses the amplification collar for a diversion so she can escape.

Elsewhere, Doogie and Marv have the “bright” idea to force Underhill to make a new batch of toxin. So, just outside the confrence, Underhill is about to go into the building to argue why the poison shouldn’t be used, only for Doogie and Marv to roll up and kidnap him.

At GCPD, Catwoman uses the Batsignal to call Batman, where she (again) lays everything out, and finally he agrees to team up.

At a local high school, Doogie and Marv have forced Underhill to (they think) make them a new batch. Doogie goes to poison the conference, while Marv prepares to kill Underhill, only for Catwoman and AzBat to interfere!

If your response to facing off against Batman is “not again” you’ve made poor life choices.

Batman takes down Marv, as Catwoman checks on Underhill – where she learns the truth of what she’s done – and she clears out, leaving Underhill to pass the information to Batman.

The truth is – Underhill whipped a batch of Tear Gas up instead, which Doogie successfully vents into the confrence before being arrested.

The issue ends with Catwoman taunting to the suits while dangling from a rope ladder beneath a helicopter, ala Carmen Sandiego and Lupin III, while AzBat ends up shaking his fist at her like Zenigata.

Better luck next time, Player.

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