Showcase ‘94 #5 Recap

Before we return to Abattoir, let’s see what Robin has been up to – as he teams up with Huntress.

Showcase ‘94 #5

“Benedictions Part 1: My Midnight Confession”

Written by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Phil Jimenez
Pinks by Bruce Patterson
Colors by Tom McCraw
Lettering by Ken Bruzenak
Edited by Dennis O’Neil & Neal Pozner

We open with internal narration on the currently ongoing bloodbath within Gotham’s underworld following Bane’s rise and fall, as AzBat takes down a mob boss, who is suspected to be next in line for the top spot.

However, our internal narration isn’t from Jean-Paul, it’s from Helena Bertinelli, the post-Crisi Huntress. Helena is a mafia orphen, and she has a line on the dark horse candidate – Mandy DePaolo, who she knew when they both were kids.

For context – this was Bertinelli’s Confirmation party.

We get an interlude with Mandy, where we get confirmation that she’s aiming for the top spot, and is whacking anyone who gets in her way. As she goes to gloat about the murders to her priest brother (and to establish an alibi) under the cover of the sacrament of confession, Huntress attempts to thwart an attempted hit on a stolen car-and-money laundering operation, and ends up getting surprise backup from Robin.

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