Robin #6 Recap

We pick up with the rescue of Huntress, with a perspective shift to Robin.

Robin #6

Cover of Robin #6

Written by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Phil Jiminez
Inks by Romeo Tanghal & Bruce Patterson
Lettering by Ken Bruzenak
Edited by Neil Pozner, Jordan B. Gorfinkel, and Dennis O’Neil

We pick up where Showcase ‘94 #5 left off, with the hit squad knocked out, their target alive and bailing, and Huntress about to fall unconscious. Tim gets her to his car – the Redbird – before she passes out, and gets her home – apparently he knows her address.

At the church, Mandy’s brother confronts her – this wasn’t a sincere confession, she was just here to establish an alibi. He’s later visited by a man in a priest’s vestments and a gold mask, asking for the guns Mandy’s brother was holding for him.

Little bit of foreshadowing related to Deathangel never changing his pose here.

In Mickey Silver’s office (the guy who runs the car lot who was nearly whacked earlier), Huntress and Robin interrogate him about who was gunning for him – with Silver letting slip by implication that Mandy was behind the attempted hit.

At Mandy’s, she makes it clear to her subordinates that she’s not happy with how things went down with Silver, while Robin and Huntress evesdrop from a nearby rooftop. The meeting is interrupted by the gold-masked figure, who burts in and starts gunning Mandy’s lieutenants down.

Huntress and Robin interrupt this, driving the man, who calls himself “Deathangel” off. Huntress warns Mandy off from her current course before they depart.

Later, Mandy pays her brother another viit to make a donation (and, it’s implied, establish an alibi while Silver is gunned down in his office)

At home, Helena goes through some old papers from school on a hunch, and finds a drawing of the Deathangel costume.

That is some pretty good bad art.

Robin checks out the church that Mandy set up as her alibi, and meets again with the nun from Firefly’s orphanage, who reveals that the priest, Daniel, is Mandy’s brother, before pulling another vanishing act.

I may just keep reading this Robin run on my own after this storyline, just to find out if this nun becomes A Thing.

Robin investigates Danny’s office and finds the bulletproof vest that Deathangel was wearing earlier, only to be surprised by Deathangel himself.

Is this the end of Riders in the Sky?!

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