Showcase ‘94 #6 Recap

It’s time to wrap up our storyline with Huntress.

Showcase ‘94 #6

Written by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Phil Jimenez
Inks by Peter Gross
Colors by Tom McCraw
Lettering by Ken Bruzenak
Edited by Neal Pozner & Dennis O’Neil

Robin tries to talk down Deathangel, and when that doesn’t work he’s saved by Interrupting Huntress. After the fight, where Robin mentions he was following up on Mandy’s alibi and asks why Deathangel was there, Huntress explains that Danny had created the character for a comic he made while in school. Danny gave her a copy, and she’d hung on to it over all these years.

I’m just going to say – you don’t hang onto something like that for over 10 years without some form of emotional connection.

Robin & Huntress question one of the now-departed Micky Silver’s bodyguards, and they find out what Mandy wants – the garbage racket.

With some skillful bulldozer driving by Huntress, Huntress and Robin stop her from whacking two more bosses, and move to take her down, with Mandy perforating one of her own goons in the process.

Ultimately, Danny confronts Mandy, but can’t bring himself to shoot his sister. Unfortunately for him, Mandy has no such compunctions.

Robin talks Huntress down from killing the fratricidal sister, after which Mandy gloats that no jury would believe her capable of murder, never mind taking over the city’s mob because of her gender. I’m surprised that Robin doesn’t respond with a “Mandy, you live in Gotham.”

Mandy, Pamela Isley isn’t an urban legend. Neither is Selena Kyle.

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