Showcase ’94 #7 Recap

One last issue of Showcase ’94 in Knightquest – this time with… what I’d guess you’d call Waiting for AzBat.

Showcase ’94 #7: “Crooks”

Written by Peter David
Art by P. Craig Russell
Colors by Lovern Kindzerski
Lettering by Ken Brazenak
Edited by Dennis O’Neil & Neal Pozner

This is, basically, a one-room story. The Penguin has kidnapped Sarah Essen-Gordon and stuffed her in an egg somewhere that is filling with gas. Cobblepot has turned himself in, and is being interrogated by Commissioner Gordon. He’s waived council and has specifically asked for Gordon.

What becomes clear, as they wait for AzBat to respond to the Bat-signal, is that both men are scared of AzBat. Penguin is scared to the point that he’s trying to change his “Arch” (to use the Venture Bros. term) from Batman to Commissioner Gordon.

Ultimately, Gordon and Penguin both lose their cool, and Gordon drags Penguin to the roof and threatens to throw him off. He’s only stopped by AzBat arriving with Sarah and reveals that he knew what was up, and skipped going to GCPD and went straight to the rescue.

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