Batman Shadow of the Bat #27 Recap

It’s time to wrap up our side-plot with the Clayface family.

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #27

Written by Alan Grant
Pencils by Bret Blevins
Inks by Bob Smith
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Todd Klein

From Lady Clayface’s dialog, we learn that they are being coerced to do this by another person. AzBat breaks free by using a panic button to activate what is basically a full-body tazer on the outside of his costume.

It turns out that Abattoir has the Clayfaces’ child, and is holding them hostage for their parents co-operation.

AzBat gets the location of the meet from Lady Clayface, and arrives just as Clayface III is trying to get his child. As Abattoir tries to leave with Etcheson, Peyton tries to attack Abattoir, and in a spectacular display of bad judgment, AzBat attacks Clayface III instead of Abattoir. This allows Abattoir to escape while Clayface III and AzBat has fight.

Dammit Jean-Paul! You’d have saved so much grief (and your job) if you’d taken down Abattoir instead.

After a pause in the fighting where AzBat rescues Cass (the baby) from the fire escape due to downed power lines, AzBat brings down Clayface III.

However, Abattoir has escaped, and elsewhere in Gotham, Abattoir has Graham rigged up to an elaborate torture machine that will, eventually, kill him – if he isn’t rescued.

I’m going to save you the nightmare fuel close-up of Abattoir’s maniacally laughing face.

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