Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #62 Recap

We’re coming up on the halfway mark for Knightsend

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #62

Written by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Ron Wagner
Inks by Ron McCain
Colors by Digital Chameleon
Letters by Willie Schulert
Edited by Archie Goodwin & Jim Spivey

We pick back up with Azrael yelling at St. Dumas, while Dick & Tim go “Who da-fuq’ is he yelling at?”

Back to Bruce, as he faces the next disciple.

We intercut between Bruce fighting the Disciple, and Azrael’s hunt for the gun-runners, which takes him to the navy ship-breaking yard. The fight with Azrael involves an attack helicopter and a guy in power-armor. Also, I think Azrael is just killing dudes now.

The issue ends with Azrael absolutely killing the guy he faced (or at least looking like he killed the guy) while Bruce seemingly skills the disciple he’s fighting, as Dick & Tim look on in horror.

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