Robin #8 Recap

We’ve come to the midpoint of Knightsend.

Robin #8

Story by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Tom Grummett
Finishes by Ray Kryssing
Color by Adrienne Roy
Letters by Albert DeGuzman
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel & Denny O’Neil

Nightwing & Robin berate Bruce for killing, until Lady Shiva shows up to gloat over having finally gotten Bruce to cross that line, before she takes the mask (and the tracking device she’d planted in it, and leaves. At this point it’s revealed that Bruce hadn’t killed the guy – he just made it look like he had – though if they don’t get him to a hospital soon it will be a moot point.

At the harbor, GCPD is surveying the aftermath of Azrael’s battle, when they pull the powered armor guy out of the harbor – he’s still alive.

Elsewhere, a Mr. Selkirk, presumably the man behind the arms trafficking operation, gets a call from one of his backers, telling him to resolve this. And, at an abandoned theater, Lady Shiva kills the remaining ninja (who were waiting for their boss) and leaves the “Bat-Tengu” mask.

On the CPD side, The Gordons suspect everything is building up to something. Finally, in blackgate, the imprisoned Arkham escapees are restless, with Bane regaining lucidity and saying “He has returned!”

As the issue ends with Bruce Wayne, in the Batsuit, descending into Harold’s hideout.

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