Catwoman #12 Recap

Bruce has put the Batsuit back on – now it’s time to take on AzBats.

Catwoman #12

Story by Jo Duffy
Script by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Jim Balent
Inks by Rick Burchett
Colors by Buzz Setzer
Lettering by Bob PInaha
Edited by Jordan Bl. Gorfinkel & Dennis O’Neil

After 5 issues of teasing, of Bruce going to the rooftop parapet, and then backing away, this time Batman leaps! He makes the swing successfully – making it clear to the reader that, truly, Batman is back.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Catwoman is also investigating the gunrunning operation, only for the loaded for bear guards (presumably expecting Azrael), to knock her out – though she gets Selkirk’s name first.

Azrael is driving the Batmobile through Gotham’s streets like Kurgan through New York in Highlander, causing a slew of traffic accidents in his wake, as he obsesses over Lehah. Catwoman breaks free of her bonds as Azrael bursts into the building. The two, on their own routes, make their way through the building. Catwoman takes a more stealthy route, expedited by Azrael drawing all the aggro due to his one-man-army approach. Azrael hunting for LeHah, Catwoman looking for a cybernetic controller to help her parapalegic friend.

They both reach the top, with Azrael splattered with blood, and who is quickly distracted from Selkirk by one of his goons – one who worked for Lehah and helped kill Jean-Paul’s father, and he’s only stopped by the arrival of Batman, Robin, and Nightwing as the issue ends.

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