Batman #510 Recap

We’ve come to Batman vs. Azrael

Batman #510

Written by Doug Moench
Art by Mike Manley & Joe Rubinstein
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Ken Bruzenak
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel & Dennis O’Neil

We pick up where we left off, with Batman confronting Azrael. Batman tries – to a degree – to talk Jean-Paul down, and points out that abandoning Abattoir lead to Etchison’s death, and that Azrael needs help. The voices of both the previous Azrael & St. Dumas come to an agreement – and Batman and Azrael has fight.

Selkirk tries to take advantage of this to kill Catwoman and escape, not realizing that Robin & Nightwing would step into that fight.

As the battle rages, the fire alarm and sprinklers go off. This interrupts Commissioner Gordon while he’s trying to persuade Krol that Azrael isn’t the real Batman.

The issue ends with Selkirk trying to escape in a helicopter, with Catwoman struggling with Selkirk over the Neural Enabler, with Azrale’s grapple line wrapped around the tail rotor, and Batman & Azrael holding on for dear life – as Bullock & Kitch, and Nightwing and Robin looking on.

Is this the end of Riders in the Sky!?

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