Catwoman #13 Recap

Next we pick up on what Catwoman was up to with the Neural Controller.

Catwoman #13

Written by Jo Duffy
Pencils by Jim Balent
Inks by Bob Smith
Colors by Buzz Setzer
Lettering by Bob Pinaha
Edited by Denny O’Neil & Jordan B. Gorfinkel

We open with a recap of Catwoman’s side of the climax of Knightsend, before she dives into the river to escape the police.

We then go to the hospital to check in with the friends & family of the person Selena is trying to get the Neural Controller for.

Selenda gets some associates to gether and go diving for the controller. They find it ust as Gelkirk’s goons show up. They fight them off and head for the dive boat, only to find Selkirk, some goons, and the Controller’s inventor waiting on the boat.

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Catwoman hands over the controller and activates her backup plan, where another member of the crew had replaced Selkirk’s driver – and steals the chip back.

Turnabout is fair play.

The issue ends after the surgery was a success, and Catwoman’s beau starts physical therapy.

As happily ever after as things get in comics.

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