Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #63 Recap

It’s time for the final confrontation between Azrael and Batman.

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #63

Written by Denny O’Neil
Pencils by Barry Kitson
Inks by Scott Hanna
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Colors by Digital Chameleon
Edited by Chuck Kim, Jim Spivey, and Archie Goodwin

Bruce tries to calmly talk Jean Paul down, and gives some serious effort –  until, out of spite, Jean Paul smashes the portrait of Thomas Wayne from the mantle over his knee.

Ohsugar, you just gone and done the dumbest thing in your whole life.

They briefly fight, until Jean Paul withdraws into the Batcave, to hide behind some booby traps. Suspecting the other entrances are also trapped, Bruce uses a secret entrance – one he discovered, by accident, as a child.

Bruce crawls into the cave (repalcing the cover to this entrance before he goes, proceeding into the Batcave proper. Once again he tries to talk down Jean-Paul. When that failes, he withdraws the way he came – goading Jean-Paul to follow him. As he does that, Jean-Paul sheds his armor, ultimately leaving only the helmet. And, as he’s morning outside, Bruce pulls away the cover, bathing Jean-Paul in daylight, forcing him to shed that last peace of his armor, and to admit defeat.

Jean-Paul and Bruce leave the cave, and Jean-Paul asks if Bruce will turn him in. Bruce admits he probably should, but he won’t. Bruce admits he was wrong to have thrust the Batman identity on Jean-Paul when he hadn’t figured out his own identity – and lets him go, to find those answers for himself.

With that, Batman walks across the lawn, in the sun, and into the house.

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