Anime Review: TONIKAWA: High School Days

Tonikawa: High School Days is a short 4 episode miniseries that basically makes up one miniature arc. I don’t know where the manga is at by comparison, so I don’t know if this is a case where the studio is waiting on the next arc to wrap before continuing with the story, or what. But what I do know is that this is a nice, warm and cozy little morsel to tide us over until we get the next arc.

Picking up where the last arc left off, Tonikawa: High School Days has Nasa getting an offer for a day job – as an adjunct Computer Science teacher at the all-girls High School that his old middle school teacher is teaching. After some brief hilarity around a misunderstanding over the school he’s teaching at (including the fateful line “How hard can it be to teach a bunch of middle schoolers?”), he ends up starting his new job and generally is a good teacher.

Nasa meeting his class in Tonikawa: High School Days

As with previous seasons, the series has the tremendous good sense to not introduce any sort of rival or love triangle shenanigans. While there is a degree of jealousy from Tsukasa, the show quickly makes it clear that it’s because Nasa’s been working from home for the majority of the series so far, so his being out of the house for so long is an uncomfortable change.

Also, while Nasa is working around a bunch of high school girls who aren’t that much younger than him and his wife, he is also at no point willing to consider violating the propriety of his position – he’s quite happy in his marriage thank you very much. Indeed, instead, what happens is that the high school girls in his class end up embracing the spectator sport that is watching their teacher’s overly sweet married life.

Now, we do get some hints dropped further expanding on the mystery around Tsukasa’s background and implied immortality – but at the start of the series that they’re also explicitly stating the connection between this series and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, that it’s not that much of a Mystery.

In all, Tonikawa: High School Days is a great show, and I’m still looking forward to more. The series is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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