Anime Only Connect!

One of the things that I was introduced to while watching the 2023 Desert Bus for Hope was the British game show “Only Connect” – with several fan-made games submitted over the course of the week. So, I created my own anime-themed one – and as of this writing I don’t know if it will get picked. Whether or not it does, I figure I’d post the link to my slide deck here! If it does get picked, I’ll also post the video as soon as the Desert Bus Video Strike team posts the video on the Desert Bus YouTube Channel.

Anime Only Connect

Scoring and General Notes Scoring: Getting the right answer after the first clue gets 5 points, second for 3, third for 2, or the fourth for 1. In the interest of simplicity, I am using the English localized versions of anime titles (e.g. Attack on Titan instead of Shingeki no Kyojin).


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