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Where I Read – Nintendo Power Issue #6

Nintendo Power #6 Cover

Nintendo Power #6 Cover

Moving on to our next issue of Nintendo Power, issue number 6, for May and June of 1989, bringing the magazine’s first year to a close. Our cover story is a 10 page feature on the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game. Being that this issue is 119 pages long, that’s not insignificant. We’re also getting additional coverage of Bayou Billy, more coverage of Ninja Gaiden, and the results of the Nester Awards voting.

Letters: Not as much of interest this time, though we do get a compliment for the excellent service from the Nintendo Game Councelors.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Guide: This is, by the way, for the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game from Konami, which had Castlevania style action platforming stages. The game gives maps of the two boss stages (with the fights against Bebop and Rocksteady), and they re-print the map of the underwater portion of the dam from Area 2. We get into the big new content though, with Area 3, which is the one section of the game I just haven’t seen that much of. We start off with a big overworld map, and also have maps of most of the major levels in the overworld for Area 3. However, they’re holding off on Area 4, which I presume is an assault on the Technodrome. Maybe they’ll cover that next issue.

The Nester Awards: The ballots are in and have been tabulated, and now it’s time to hand out the awards, and for me to see how well I did with my predictions.

Best Graphics & Sound
My Pick: Metroid
The Winner: Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest – I’m not too suprised. Castlevania 2’s music is really good, though I like the graphics in Metroid a little more.

Best Challenge
My Pick: Bionic Commando
The Winner: The Legend of Zelda – They cite the Second Quest as the increased challenge, but I still find Bionic Commando a little more difficult, even in it’s re-made version.

Best Theme, Fun:
My Pick: Super Mario Bros 2
The Winner: Super Mario Bros 2 – Hey, I got one right! Hopefully I do a little better than this.

Best Play Control:
My Pick: Metroid
The Winner: Super Mario Bros. 2 – I have to say that I consider Metroid’s play control to be better, as Samus Aran does precisely everything you want her to do.

Best Character:
My Pick: Link (Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link)
The Winner: Link – 2 out of 5 thus far.

Best Ending:
My Pick: Bionic Commando
The Winner: Super Mario Bros. 2 – I’m not too suprised, it’s Mario after all.

Best Player Vs. Player:
My Pick: I abstained, due to having no knowledge of the nominees.
The Winner: Blades of Steel – In general, Sports games tends to be the best for this, until the rise of the fighting games.

Best Overall Game:
My Pick: The Legend of Zelda
The Winner: Zelda II: The Adventures of Link – not too suprised, as that’s the most recent installment of the series. I do have the franchise correct though.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy Strategy Guide: We get maps of the first few levels, particularly levels 1 through 6, as well as some basic information on levels 7 and 8.

Cobra Triangle Guide: We have maps of stage 2, as well as notes on obstacles for upcoming levels (like whirlpools, logs, and waterfalls), as well as info on the types of bosses you’ll face and some of the levels you’ll encounter.

Expanded Life Force Coverage: We’ve got info on where you can find some bonus points and 1ups in the game, as well as advice on the last 4 stages, Prominence Stage, Cell Stage II, Palace Stage, and Mechanical Stage (with the Maoi that shoot at you), as well as a 3-page fold-out poster with maps of every stage of the game.

Previews: We start off with Mega Man 2. We get glimpses at some of the enemies in the game, as well as some of the levels in the game. Next up is Faxanadu, which looks like a combination of an action-platformer and an RPG, and is part of Falcom’s Dragon Slayer series, which Retronauts did an episode on. We also get a preview of Fester’s Quest, which The Angry Video Game Nerd did an episode on (NSFW), along with Clash on Demonhead. Oh, and here’s the biggie, the first JRPG of what would be come the Traditional style to be released for the NES – Dragon Warrior.

Howard and Nester: This issue, the game is Ninja Gaiden, with Nester getting called onto the set of the movie as an consultant, specifically with the location of power-ups on the stage. However, Howard is the stunt-ninja, and recognizes that the power-up was put in the wrong place. Whuups.

Councelor’s Corner: More questions about Zelda II, as well as Milon’s Secret Castle, and the area select code for Ikari Warriors. There are also questions for The Legend of Zelda (both the first and second quests), and Cobra Command.

Ninja Gaiden Guide (Cont.): We pick up where the last strategy guide left off, with maps of Act 4 & 5 of the game, as well as a teaser of what’s to come in Act 6, the final act of the game.

Fiction Writer’s Contest – Winner: We have the winner of the short fiction contest, with Friends by Robbie Lawton, which is something of a self-insertion/Real World-Video Game World Interaction fanfic. (Really, it’s fanfic, it’s just fanfic for a contest). It’s okay, I’ve read worse.

Top 30: It’s the last Top 30 of the magazines’ first year. Let’s see how the rankings shape up this time.

  1. Zelda II (12,939 pts.) – Up 1 (5 issues)
  2. Super Mario Bros. 2 (11,916 pts.) – Down 1 (5 issues)
  3. Legend of Zelda (5,124 pts.) – No Change (6 issues)
  4. Contra (3,774 pts.) – Up 1 (6 issues)
  5. Track & Field II (3,626 pts.) – Returning (2 issues)
  6. Blaster Master (3,605 pts.) – Up 6 (2 issues)
  7. Metal Gear (3,604 pts.) – Up 16 (4 issues)
  8. Bionic Commando (3,338 pts.) – Down 1 (3 issues)
  9. Metroid (3,238 pts.) – Up 1 (6 issues)
  10. Rampage (3,100 pts.) – Up 8 (2 issues)
  11. Castlevania II (2,975 pts.) – Down 5 (3 issues)
  12. Ultima (2,969 pts.) – New
  13. Double Dragon (2,588 pts.) – Down 4 (5 issues)
  14. Mega Man (2,322 pts.) – Down 1 (6 issues)
  15. Tecmo Bowl (2,275 pts.) – New
  16. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!! (2,217 pts.) – Down 12 (6 issues)
  17. Super Mario Bros (2,165 pts.) – Returning (5 issues)
  18. Blades of Steel (2,142 pts.) – Down 10 (1 issue)
  19. Skate Or Die (2,093 pts.) – New
  20. Castlevania (1,807 pts.) – Down 6 (6 issues)
  21. Double Dribble (1,595 pts.) – Up 9 (6 issues)
  22. Bad Dudes (1,479 pts.) – New
  23. Robocop (1,465 pts.) – New
  24. 1943 (1,356 pts.) – Up 1 (3 issues)
  25. R. C. Pro-Am (1,335 pts.) – Down 9 (6 issues)
  26. Kid Icarus (1,280 pts.) – Down 9 (6 issues)
  27. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1,160 pts.) – New
  28. Life Force (1,098 pts.) – Down 1 (3 issues)
  29. Bases Loaded (1,078 pts.) – Down 18 (4 issues)
  30. Mega Man II (995 pts.) – Down 8 (2 issues)

We have a list of our first 100 Nintendo Power critics, before moving on to an essay by Nester on the types of NES games to get your dad for Father’s Day. The reccomendations are sports games, golf and billiards games, trivia games, and adventure games. Oh, and Othello.

Classified Information: Of note for their tips and tricks for this issue, is using the Pause button to extend the effects of grenades in Blaster Master, as well as Continue codes for Mickey Mouscapade and Seicross.

Video Shorts: The mini-previews of note this issue is Fist of the North Star, Kung Fu Heroes, Hydlide, and Adventure of Lolo.

NES Journal: Nintendo is opening its own chain of retail stores called “World of Nintendo”. Additionally, Batman is coming into theaters in time for Detective Comics issue #600. The Golgo 13 comics are also coming to the US. We also get a profile of Holly Robinson of 21 Jump Street.

Pak Watch: A lot of basketball games getting previewed this issue, as well as a few additional peripherals (another look at the Power Glove, and Broderbund’s U-Force, and the Game Boy).

Before wrapping up the issue, we finally have another letter from Howard, talking about what a great year it’s been, and what a great year there is to come, and reminding us to renew our subscriptions. As for us, and our Quality Control, our next game is going to be Cobra Triangle – we haven’t done a racing game yet, might as well try one now.