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Where I Read – Nintendo Power #41

Moving on with the Nintendo Power Recaps, we have issue 41 for October of 1992. Our cover game for this issue is Super Mario Kart, which would go on to spring a very long series of cart racers (and, if you really think about it, also bringing about the Wipeout series). This issue’s letters are all on the topic of how readers got the money for their NES (aside from, you know, asking your parents).

Adventure Island 3 Guide

Master Higgins is back. We don’t get complete maps of each area, but we get maps of at least half the levels in the first two areas, as well as strategies for beating the final boss (which is part of the important part, as well as notes on Stage 3 through Stage 8.

Power Blade 2 Guide

The second installment of the series adds various suits of powered that the character can wear that bestow various abilities. We get a run down of what they are and what they can do. As with the Adventure Island guide, we don’t get complete maps of the stages, but we do get partial maps of sections which (I guess) they figured were some of the harder parts of the stages. We also get strategies for beating the final bosses for stages 1 through 4.

Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six Guide

We get a run-down of Spidey’s moves, as well as maps of stages 1 through 4, and strategies for beating each member of the Sinister Six.

Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Comic

So, Link has learned that the Princess Zelda can be found a Turtle Rock, so he needs a map with directions on how to get there. Thus, he’s going across a tundra on, essentially, a sled with a sail, traveling to the Ice Tower, where the map can be found. He reaches the tower and beats the maps guardians, and thus learns how to get to Turtle Rock. He arrives and finds himself facing a multi-headed serpent that breathes both fire and ice. Just when all seems lost, Roam arrives, possibly for the rescue.

Bionic Commando Guide

This is for the Game Boy version of the game. The levels look fairly similar to the NES, except the fights between zones are side-scrolling instead of top down. We get maps of areas 1 through 8.

Exceprt from the Tom & Jerry Guide

One of the level maps from Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry Guide

Another Tom & Jerry game, with the player playing as Jerry this time. We get a run down of what the power-ups are, and maps of the first four levels, which look pretty big, in my opinion.

Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game Guide

Double Dragon is desperately trying to hold on to relevance in this era of Streets of Rage & Final Fight. This is their attempt to continue hanging on for dear life on the Game Boy. We get maps for all 5 levels plus strategies for the boss fight.

Super Mario Adventures Comic

Mario and Luigi continue to square off with the semi-moe Boos. Fortunately, they manage to provide the Boos with some psychotherapy and resolve their trauma, allowing Mario and Luigi to escape so they can go break up a wedding.

Super Play Action Football Guide

A new console generation, a new first party football game. I’m kind of disappointed by the fact that even before EA got exclusive video game rights for the NFL, Nintendo didn’t continue the Play Action series onto the N64 and the Game Cube. In particular, considering how poorly football games from 3rd parties have turned out on the Wii, I would have been interested to see how Nintendo themselves handled making a football game. Anyway, they take us through a Super Bowl in Play Action Football with the then defending champion Buffalo Bills taking on the Redskins in a rematch of Super Bowl XXVI. The result is pretty much the same, the Redskins win.

The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare Guide

We get guides for each of the little mini-games in this collection. I’ve played this game and I really wasn’t too fond of it.

Super Mario Kart Guide

I’ve already gone into how influential this game is. We get general driving tricks and race tricks (like shooting banana peels out in front instead of behind you). We also get maps of some of the tracks.

Out Of This World Guide

This is something of a precursor to the Oddworld Inhabitants games. We get maps of stages 1 through 6.

Nester’s Adventures

This issue the Nester is playing Prince of Persia, and we actually get some advice for swordfighting, sort of (I’m not convinced it’s useful advice).

Now Playing

First game getting reviewed by George & Rob is Legend of the Ghost Lion, an Dragon Warrior style RPG aimed more for girls. George and Rob were split on this, but the fact that the game wasn’t really intended for them probably doesn’t help. They also like the strategy game Overlord, which sounds like it’s got a bit of an 4X aspect to it. They also really like Power Blade 2.

George and Rob aren’t too impressed with WWF Steel Cage Challenge, Double Dragon 3, and Return of the Sinister Six. Roger Clements MVP Baseball for the Game Boy had a bit of a learning curve, and they liked Tom & Jerry and Track & Field. Not too surprisingly, they like Bart’s Nightmare (they tend to say favorable things about games that are featured in the magazine). They also like Axelay (as did EGM’s staff around this time), along with Robocop 3 and Super Double Dragon but they’re not too impressed with King of the Monsters.

Top 20

Mario has regained the top spot on the Game Boy (and still holds the top spot on the NES), with Metroid II and TMNT III holding the #2 spots, respectively. On the SNES Legend of Zelda holds the top spot, with Mario holding #2.

Celebrity Player Profile

This issue we have an interview with Ken Griffey Jr, who is back with the Seattle Mariners, where he belongs. Now, Ken has been a long time gamer, and still (as of this interview) plays video games. So, what I want to know is this – Ken, if you’re reading this (which I doubt), Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, or what combination of the above?

Pak Watch

Well, we’re not getting Final Fantasy V. Instead, we get Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. EA’s bringing Desert Strike to the SNES, and Accolade is working on the space simulator Warp Speed. In Japan they’re working on the RPG Kaeru, which features a cute frog as it’s main character.

My Quality Control pick for this issue is going to be Axelay. The game got 9s across the board from EGM when they reviewed it (back when they really didn’t give games 10s),