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Where I Read – Nintendo Power #42

We’re continuing with our Nintendo Power Recaps, with issue 42 for November of 1992. Our cover story for this issue is Super Star Wars for the SNES.

Joe & Mac Guide

The first major cave man platformer has come out for the NES, and the art on this preview fails anatomy pretty badly. We get maps of the first 4 levels of the game, as well as notes for fighting the various bosses.

Crash & The Boys Street Challenge Guide

This is, essentially, a Track & Field game with a River City Ransom skin. We have Hammer Throw Golf, Water Slaughter (a swimming event, where both competitors can fight underwater if they so choose, and they do choose), Skyline Scramble (pole vault between the roofs of buildings), and Judo (straight-up fight).

Mega Man 1 Guide

It’s been some time since Mega Man 1 came out, but they’re gonna take a moment to revisit it for those who didn’t subscribe to the old Nintendo Fun Club newsletter. We get maps of the stages for Bomb Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, Elecman, Ice Man, Fire Man, and Dr. Wily’s castle.

Legend of Zelda Comic

Roam defeats the multi-headed serpent, and Zelda is freed. Link and Zelda and Roam escape the fire temple before it explodes. Roam then says that he’ll be the one to defeat Ganon and sets out on his own. Zelda tells Link that while a magic arrow is what it takes to defeat Ganon, Roam’s attitude will likely be his downfall. As they’re about to enter the castle, Roam appears, and his negative emotions summons spirits of the various enemies Link has defeated, including Aghanim. The spirit of Aghanim overcomes Roam, and they merge into Ganon! To Be Continued.

The Flintstones Guide

Last issue we got a guide for the Jetson’s game. This issue we have a guide from the Flintstones game. We get notes for each of the levels in the game, but no maps for the levels.

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins Guide

We get notes on the various zones in the game, but not maps for the various levels in the game.

Track & Field Guide

The Game Boy has a track and field game of its very own now. We get a run down of the events in the game.

WWF Superstars 2 Guide

Another wrestling game for the Game Boy. We get a run down of 3 of the 6 wrestlers who appear in the game, Hogan, the Undertaker, and the Mountie.

Super Mario Adventures Comic

The wedding of Bowser and Peach has arrived! The ceremony begins and Mario makes his dramatic entrance right at “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Guide

Instead of getting Final Fantasy V, we’re getting this incredibly simplified RPG. It’s probably even more linear than Final Fantasy XIII was accused of being. We get maps of the dungeons and information on where to go (though, having played the game, I can say that it’s really hard to get lost.) We get maps of the forest dungeon, the earth dungeon, and the water dungeon.

Super Star Wars Guide

We get maps of the levels in the game, and some power up notes. It looks like while the graphics are better, they have made the levels a little smaller, and have dropped some of the more non-linear elements of the original, which is for the best. The notes for the levels continue on to the poster, covering every level in the game.

Shooter Feature

We get coverage of two shooters this issue, one is Axelay, which was an Also Ran that became a Quality Control pick several issues ago, and Space Megaforce from Toho. Space Megaforce is a top-down shooter like Xevious, but with Gradius & Thunder Force style weapon upgrades. We get some notes for areas 1 through 8 in this game. For Axelay we get notes on the various weapon upgrades, as well as on the first 6 stages of the game.

Faceball 2000 Guide

The SNES now has a First Person shooter, and a tame one at that. We get some notes on the gameplay and little else than that.

Top 20

While Mario still holds the top spot on the NES and the Game Boy (with the first Super Mario Land), Street Fighter II has bumped Legend of Zelda and Mario from the top spot on the SNES side of the list.

The Celebrity Player Profiles are now no more, replaced with a crossword puzzle. It’s the end of an era.

Nester’s Adventures

This issue Nester is playing “Out of this World” and he has some difficulty controlling the hover vehicle.

Now Playing

We have a special guest reviewer, Jade Hall, who won an earlier contest. This issue, I’m going to be sticking with reviews that particularly catch my attention. Jade likes just about everything except for Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the Game Boy, the space sim Out of Gas, and shump Starhawk (all for the Game Boy). As far as Rob and George go, they’re split and Crash & The Boys Street Challenge and Rocky & Bullwinkle. Not too much else caught my eye.

Pak Watch

Of note this issue is Spider-Man & The X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge from LJN. Vic Tokai is working on “Super Conflict” a turn based (hex base) strategy game based on Operation Desert Storm.

My Quality Control pick for this issue is Super Star Wars, as I said I would pick several recaps ago.