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Where I Read – Electronic Gaming Monthly #42

This week, once again, we’re filling another gap in my archive of EGM recaps, with issue #42 for January of 1993. Our cover story for this issue is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyper-stone Heist for the Genesis. Our editorial column for this issue relates to CD Rom systems. In particular, Sega’s got the Sega CD, and while it doesn’t have a lot of great software, at least they have software. Nintendo’s CD system is still promises in the ether, yet they’re still attacking Sega’s system in press releases. Well, Nintendo of America is anyway – I haven’t finished reading Game Over, but thus far, Nintendo of America is the one that most often seems full of bull.


First up are questions about whether anyone other than the SNES is getting Street Fighter II – well, aside from the Genesis, several home computer platforms are getting releases – notably Atari ST, Commodore 64, and the Amiga – but only in Europe (so if you hunt these down, then I hope you’ve got a PAL monitor). Also, in Japan arcades are putting out specially licensed Street Fighter II tokens, some of which are gold, or with holographic images. We also get a letter about Tengen Tetris, and letters about the costs for disk games. Ultimately, while disk games are less expensive to manufacture than cartridge based games, studios have sunk the manufacturing savings into development, allowing them to develop more elaborate games (occasionally involving FMV).

We also have a very perceptive reader who must be a software developer, noting that Sega has apparently re-discovered a coding trick for graphics from the Amiga and is using it with Genesis games. I did not know that.

Review Crew

The crew this issue is, as from last issue, Steve Harris, Ed Semrad, the man who calls it right down the middle – Martin Alessi, and Sushi-X.

  • Magical Quest Featuring Mickey Mouse (SNES, Capcom): So, this platformer gets 9s across the board because of the dynamic gameplay. Overall: 36/40 and it gets Game of the Month and the Editor’s Choice Platinum Award.
  • Cybernator (SNES, Konami): Mecha action game. The game gets 8s across the board. The game apparently has a moderately steep learning curve to it, but it’s got some deep gameplay and a lot of fun graphical tricks, so it apparently makes up for it. Overall: 32/40 and gets the Editor’s Choice Gold Award.
  • X-Zone (SNES, Kemco): Light gun game for the super-scope. The crew feels that the game really is the killer app (no pun intended) for the Super Scope. Steve gives it a 7, with the rest of the crew giving 8s. Overall: 31/40.
  • Gods (SNES, Mindscape): Action-platformer with a mythological theme. Ed and Steve consider this a good side-scrolling action-platformer with some puzzle elements and they give the game 7s. Martin and Sushi aren’t as impressed, having some problems with unresponsive controls, and not liking the poor sound. Martin gives a 5, and Sushi gives a 6. Overall: 25/40.
  • Pro Quarterback (SNES, Tradewest): I shouldn’t need to tell you what kind of game this is. The Mode 7 graphics (and how they’re implemented) cause some problems with passing. The degree which this hurts the game depends on the member of the Crew – but in seriousness, this is the biggest complaint everyone has with the game. Ed and Martin gave the game 7s, Steve gave it a 6, and Sushi gave it a 5. Overall: 25/40.
  • Chester Cheetah (SNES, Kemco): Platformer licensed from the snack mascot. Remember when snack foods had mascots? Anyway, Steve finds the game too slowly paced, and gives it a 6. Everyone else is considerably more impressed with the game. Martin and Sushi give the game 8s, and Ed gives the game a 9. Overall: 31/40.
  • TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist (Genesis, Konami): This is a slightly re-done version of Turtles in Time. The game is applauded for it’s detailed graphics, though Sushi found it way too easy and gives it a 7. Everyone else gave it 8s. Overall: 31/40.
  • Road Rash 2 (Genesis, EA): The second game in the series now includes split-screen multiplayer, though the crew isn’t too impressed with it. They like the rest of the game though – Martin gives the game a 7, while the rest of the crew gives it 8s. Overall: 31/40.
  • Jerry Glanville’s Pigskin Footbrawl (Genesis, Razorsoft): You may recall that back when I was bothering to recap issues of GamePro, they actually interviewed Glanville about this fantasy twist on football, and how he did all sorts of input on the game. Well, it either wasn’t very useful, or they ignored him, or both, because this game doesn’t do so hot. Everyone agrees that the game has little to nothing to do with football, and they’re kind of wondering why Glanville endorsed it – outside of wanting some of those sweet dollars that Madden was raking in. The game also isn’t particularly very fun if you’re not playing a two-player game. Anyway, Ed gives the game a 7, Martin gives it a 6, Steve a 5, and Sushi a 4.
  • Aquatic Games (Genesis, EA): We have a James Pond Track & Field Game. It’s precisely as “good” as you think it is – meaning it’s pretty mediocre – one of those games (as the crew describes it), that’s clearly aimed for kids in terms of it’s play style, visual style, and control, except the game is balanced for older players, who wouldn’t play this game. Ed and Sushi give the game 6s, while Martin gives it a 5 and Steve gives a 4. Overall: 21/40.
  • Exile (Turbo Duo, Working Designs): This game was covered a few issues prior (and last issue in particular, come to think about it). The crew likes the game for its story, though they’re not too fond of the game’s music. Ed gives it an 8, and the rest of the crew give it 7s. Overall: 29/40.
  • Time Cruise (Turbo Duo, Face): This is a pinball game with something of a sci-fi theme. The consensus is that while the game takes advantage of the fact that you’re not dependent on physical space to have large boards, it’s still a rather bland game. Ed and Martin give the game 6s, while Steve and Sushi give it 5s. Overall: 21/40.
  • Shock Man (Turbo Duo, TTI): This is very much a Mega Man wannabe. Sushi really likes it though, and gives it a 7. The rest of the crew, as you make your way up the list, finds it progressively more dull, with Martin giving a 6, Ed a 5, and Steve a 4. Overall: 22/40.
  • RoboCop 3 (NES, Ocean): One of a series of 3 licenced games (not all by Ocean) coming out for the NES this month. The crew considers this the best of the RoboCop games – though that’s still not saying much, as it’s merely decent instead of godawful. Sushi gives it a 5, with the rest of the crew giving it 6s. Overall: 23/40.
  • The Jetsons (NES, Taito): Now this game, on the other hand, gets a fairly solid review score. Everyone likes the game, with Ed giving it a 8 and the rest of the crew giving 7s. Overall: 29/40.
  • Swamp Thing (NES, THQ): This one didn’t do so well. The graphics and animation are bad, the pacing for the levels are terrible, and the graphics are awful. Ed gives it a 4, and everyone else gives it 3s. Overall: 13/40.
  • Terminator 2: Arcade (Game Boy, Acclaim): This is an adaptation of the light gun game for the Game Boy, where you move cross-hairs with the D-Pad. Sushi gives the game a 6 (as while he thinks the game is solid, it’s still a Game Boy game), and the rest of the crew gives the game 7s. Overall: 27/40.
  • Dig Dug (Game Boy, Namco): Portable version of the Namco arcade game. Everyone finds it pretty solid, though kind of average, with Sushi giving it a 5 and everyone else giving it 6s. Overall: 23/40.
  • Mega Man 3 (Game Boy, Capcom): Sushi considers it one of the best Game Boy games in the past few months, but he still wants a higher resolution, color Game Boy and gives it a 7, and Ed and Steve gave it 8s, with Martin giving it a 9. Overall: 32/40 and it receives the Editor’s Choice Gold Award.
  • Prince of Persia (Game Gear, Tengen): The game gets very sold reviews, except from Sushi, who considers it an lackluster port, and gives it a 5. Martin gives the game a 7, and the rest of the crew gives it 8s. Overall: 28/40.
  • Super Off-Road (Game Gear, Virgin): The crew isn’t very impressed with this port, because of the system’s small screen, Ed gives it a 6, Steve and Sushi give the game 5s, and Martin gives it a 4. Overall: 20/40.
  • Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop (Lynx, Atari): While this is a good looking adventure game on the Lynx, it doesn’t review great. Steve gives it a 5, Ed and Martin give the game 6s, and Sushi gave the game a 7. Overall: 24/40.

Gaming Gossip

The 3DO console has been code-named the “Opera”, though it later becomes known simply as the 3DO. There’s also a look at the Sega CD’s starting lineup (including Virtua Racing). Finally, before there was the Madden Curse, there was the Sega Curse – Evander Holeyfield apparently lost the title shortly after getting his own boxing game. Also, Tecmo Super Bowl is getting delayed to 1993.


According to reports in Japanese newspapers, Sony has finally dumped Nintendo and their planned CD-ROM add-on, and is planning on working on a system of their own, to be called the PlayStation. Nintendo is planning on attaching themselves to the Phillips and their CD-I instead. Atari is also planning to price their next-gen system, the Jaguar at $99. At CES, Sega’s planning on introducing a whole bunch of new add-ons for the Sega CD and the Genesis, including a 6-button controller, a two-button mouse, a multi-tap, and a karaoke add-on.

Leading Edge

First in the arcades, Street Fighter II Turbo Championship Edition or just Street Fighter II Turbo. Basically, there are some new attacks, and it’s faster, but otherwise that’s it. Irem has R-Type Leo. Capcom also has the brawler Destruction of Heaven and Earth 2, which looks kind of pre-cursor of Dynasty Warriors-ish.

Game Doctor

We get questions about game collection (currently not widespread, but give it a few years) and, using a cartridge as a buffer for a CD-ROM game (the Turbo Duo’s already doing that).

International Outlook

We have a new Ultraman fighter, based on the Ultraseven TV series. Sunsoft has the RPG Albert Odyssey. There’s also the brawler The Fang of Edo from Telenet. Human also has the RPG Dragon’s Earth. There’s also Mazin Saga featuring Mazinger Z. There’s also a portable version of Shining Force for the Game Gear. Hudson has the cute mascot-based shump Cotton. The Sega CD has a Cyborg 009 game.

Next Wave

We have a look at Flashback from US Gold, as well as the Alien vs. Predator brawler from Activision. Sega also has their X-Men action-platformer, along with Chakan: The Forever Man. The Duo is getting Bomberman ’93, and the NES and Game Boy are getting Yoshi’s Cookie.


We get a featured preview of Road Rash 2. The article goes into several things they wanted to include, but couldn’t for technical limitations – stuff like weather and Harley Davidson style motorcycles. We also get a look at the making of Phantasy Star IV.


The titles of note that we get a look at are Bubsy, The Lost Vikings, a Wayne’s World game, as well as a look at the Cool World licensed game. Ocean also had a Lethal Weapon 3 licensed game. There’s also a look at California Games 2 and Skuljagger. We have Battleclash, another light gun game for the SNES. EA has Bulls vs. Blazers and the NBA Playoffs as well.

On the Genesis we have our preview of The Hyperstone Heist, along with a Superman game from Sunsoft, and then Double Dragon 3, along with a port of Out of this World. There’s also a look at Ecco the Dolphin and Sunset Riders. Taito has a sequel to Chase HQ as well. EA has the racing game Lotus Turbo Challenge with two licensed cars. Tradewest has Championship Pro-Am, which is in the same series as RC Pro-Am. There’s also the cyberpunk adventure game Rise of the Dragon.

On the Duo we have our look at Lords of Thunder, the next big shump for the Duo. The NES is also getting a sequel to RC Pro-Am, along with NES versions of Alien 3 and The Terminator. On the Game Boy, we get a look at Super Mario Land 2, and Adventure Island 2. The Game Gear gets Super Space Invaders. On the Lynx we have Dracula: The Undead and Joust.

EGM Lifestyles

We get our first look at Babylon 5, as well as information about Coppola’s “Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein” film, along with Disney’s “Hocus Pocus.” Additionally, we get an article about the Star Trek official Fan Club magazine. Unfortunately, the fan club no longer exists in the united states. Bummer. We also get an article about the hip new trend spreading through the comic industry – variant covers. This trend will ultimately nearly kill the industry, and end up destroying several lesser publishers.


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