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Nintendo Power Retrospectives – Part 28

After a long absence, the Nintendo Power Retrospectives are *back*. This time I’m covering issue 18 for November, 1990.

Retronauts Pocket episode of Destiny of an Emperor:
Theme Music: Super Buck II by Estradasphere, a re-arrangement of the Overworld BGM from Super Mario Bros II, composed by Koji Kondo –

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Game Covered:
Solar Jetman – Tradewest
Little Nemo – Capcom
Dr. Mario (NES & GB) – Nintendo
Duck Tales (GB) – Capcom
Robocop (GB) – Data East
Play Action Football (GB) – Nintendo
Castlevania III – Konami


One thought on “Nintendo Power Retrospectives – Part 28

  1. I’m not old enough to have been able to get Nintendo Power unfortunately, although I have played many of the games featured in it! Watching your videos is fascinating and really insightful, I love learning about gaming history. Great blog!

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