Movie Review: Deathstalker II

Deathstalker II is a fun dumb movie. It’s the kind of film where there is a title-drop in the film that incorporates the number (sort of – the line being: “I’ll have my revenge, and Deathstalker too!”). It’s got a soundtrack by Casio, exterior sets from a Renaissance faire, pants made out of pleather because they ran out of their leather budget, and female characters who wear as little as possible in the hopes that the audience won’t pay attention to any of the rest of the film’s shortcomings.

The film’s premise is your standard 1980s swords and sorcery fare. Reena the Seer is an attractive leggy blonde in a very skimpy outfit, who finds Deathstalker, your standard smartalec fantasy rogue, and asks him for his help in defeating the evil sorcerer Jarek, to free a nearby kingdom.

That said, it has its slightly smart moments. For example, Deathstalker and his female companion Reena the Seer are on the run from the villains, they wind up hiding near a tree. Deathstalker comments that they have to get up early in the morning to catch him, only for a crossbow bolt to hit the tree near them, with Reena commenting that it’s after midnight so it’s technically morning.

The performances of the cast are a mixed bag. None of the actors are particularly great, but some of the performances are fun. John Terlesky is appropriately smerky and hammy as Deathstalker in his only time as the character. Monique Gabrielle also does a pretty good job in the dual role of Reena and her evil clone created by Jarek. John LaZar also does a pretty great job as the film’s antagonist, Jarek, and his fight scenes are the best ones the film.

It’s no Conan the Barbarian, but it’s definitely a fun swords and sorcery film, and one that’s certainly worth inclusion in your film collection.