Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out: Anime Review

I’ve talked a bunch on this blog about my having Autism, and how my Autism informs media I consume. Well, one of the things that my Autism does when it comes to shaping what I do with my personal time is it makes me something of a homebody. I generally need to get a push to go out to do some activities. It doesn’t have to be a hard push, but that push has to be there. This lead to me resonating a lot with Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out, one of the slice of life rom-com anime from the Fall 2020 season.

The show follows Shinichi Sakurai. Sakurai is a third year college student who has an intimidating appearance and is something of a loner, generally doing stuff by himself or with one of his friends – Itsuhito Sakaki. And then Shinichi’s underclassman from High School, Hana Uzaki starts attending his college. Uzaki has a Type A personality, and when she sees her senpai’s loaner lifestyle, she decides to shake up his life and get him to do things, leading to hilarity ensuing.

On top of all of that, as the show goes on, the two also start developing feelings for each other, with Sakurai’s co-workers from the cafe he works at and Sakaki working to further things along with a varying degree of success.

As far as the comedy goes, the show is a straight-up farce. Lots of comedy related to misunderstandings, some of them related to statements that could be interpreted as being of romantic intent, some of them looking slightly risque.

However, what the show doesn’t do is, with a handful of exceptions, no heavy sexual slapstick. No Sakurai tripping and getting his head wedged in Uzaki’s ample cleavage or otherwise copping a feel. There is some humor made about Uzaki’s chest, but it’s never even remotely close to the level of Luccoa from Dragon Maid.

In short, as someone who could probably stand to have an Uzaki in his life (if we weren’t, as of this writing, in the middle of a global pandemic that’s causing everything to be closed, and during a massive season of wildfires that limits hiking opportunities), I really dug this show, and I’m glad I gave it a shot.

Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out is currently available for streaming on Funimation.

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