Ghost of Tsushima: Video Review

This week I’m giving my thoughts on the last game I beat in 2020, and get into how Orientalism and lazy research can lead to a perpetuation of fascist perspectives of the past.

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Manga Review – Red Hot Chili Samurai Vol. 1

Red Hot Chili Samurai is a manga that feels like it’s not sure what it wants to be. The manga follows samurai Kokaku Sento as he fights various criminals in rural Japan during the Shogunate. Kokaku’s strength and weakness is his dependance on hot peppers, which he eats regularly, and which strengthen him, like Popeye. Like Kenshin, Kokaku and his comrades, bespectacled Ento, ninja manservant … Continue reading Manga Review – Red Hot Chili Samurai Vol. 1